Weekend Reading – Pearls of Wisdom on blogging and closets

Picking Pearls – a great guide by Duchesse – all about shape and size and lustre and what to look for

Want a happy closet?  Check out Already Pretty’s guide to getting one.

20 useful websites to help you become a better blogger.

Plus Penelope Trunk’s view on Why Blogs Need Topics

Happiness Project this week:

It’s been hot, hot, hot here in Melbourne – a sudden heatwave  – hottest week in November since 1902 according to the Bureau of Meterology, and we are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our yard, so this week I’ve been enjoying swimming in it with my kids and some of their friends, the relaxation and weightlessness of floating in the water.  After winter, it’s been lovely to hear and enjoy the sounds of summer.

What about you?


  • Pearlaceous says:

    Thank you! I really enjoyed the article on Picking Pearls – right up my street! LOL! Happy weekend!

  • Anonymous says:

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  • metscan says:

    I can´t believe it! Already summer over there, when we are still not even on the eve of winter over here. S o unfair. Well, it´s a big world!

  • Maria Killam says:

    Imogen, can you go on my blog and click on your link, it never goes to you and I have tried deleted all the other stuff and just inserting your blog (which is always how I do it) do you have a feedburner URL you can send me? That was what I had to do to fix a few of mine!

  • Struggler says:

    Am intrigued by the sound of a 'happy' closet, will be heading off to check that out, after I've sighed wistfully over your beautiful swimming pool image!

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