What Does Your Partner Think About You Wearing Makeup?


Do you wear makeup?  A lot? A little? Everyday? Only to work? Never at work but on the weekend?  Only going out somewhere special? My ex-husband would have preferred I wore no makeup.  He said he liked to see the face that he got to wake up to each morning.  I once worked with a […]

Weekend Reading: From around the Websphere

..Tips to help you travel light, both when away from home and in your own environment Moving house?  Here are some great tips to help you pack and move with less stress For some fun, from LPC 9 Emoticons for the High Wasp. And want to keep abreast with the fashion zeitgeist – Poppy Buxom […]

Guest Post – Real Life Dressing a Figure 8 Shape

I get so many requests about how to dress 8 shape bodies, probably because they are so ignored by most image and style books.  So I asked Aileen Lane of Nutri-Style in Singapore, who is an 8 shape if she’d share her experiences with you on how she dresses her shape.  Here is her post: […]

Glasses – Jewellery for the Face

Tania Many people wear eye glasses, but how many people really take the opportunity to find a frame that expresses their personality, that are not just practical, but are jewellery for the face? Irene   While I was in Manila, I met a lovely image consultant Irene, who had a selection of fabulous frames, and […]

The Backup Plan

On Thursday last week my computer died, in a serious way.  A nasty virus (no known origin) had somehow infiltrated my system (and I have two sets of virus protection systems on my computer too!).  Luckily, after I had a computer hard drive melt down 18 months ago, we installed an automatic backup system it’s […]

Weekend Reading – Happy it’s the Weekend!

Rings by Inspired Wish Do you wear your workout clothes or ‘house clothes’ all day because you don’t want to get your good clothes dirty?  Jesslyn from Image Interpreters has an answer. End fat talk – end it now – Duchesse from Passage des Perles is leading the way. I often hear that it’s hard […]

Co-ordinating Jewellery to Necklines

coordinating necklaces to necklines

If the face is the ‘communication centre’ it’s really important to think about how to draw attention there.  Finishing off getting dressed so that you look ‘put together’ and stylish is helped immensely by what happens above the bust as it is close to the face. Using a piece of jewellery in this area or […]

Co-ordinating Camel

RuthieK has left a new comment Hi, when you have chance could you address how to wear the colour Camel? It was all over the runways (especially at Chloe) but I’m not sure it would work that well for me as a colour (My colouring is Clear and Warm). What are hip ways to wear Camel […]

Where to End Your Tops

People always ask me where the best point is to end their tops and jackets.  As the hem of a top creates a horizontal line, the best place is on a narrow point, rather than a wide point. Where to end tops by imogenl featuring a smocked tunic If you are a body shape that […]

Get Ready for Movember!

.. MOVEMBER Facial hair returns in style across the country as the mo’nth formerly known as November, Movember, rolls around again for a mo’mentous 2010!  Changing the face of men’s health has never been such a statement. Legends grew them, larrikins love them.  From Ned Flanders to Groucho, Magnum to Anchorman, the moustache has been idolised, […]