Shop Local and Beyond: 30 June 2011

The Bold Bracelet Etsy Shop Shop local: How many of you want to wear neutrals that aren’t black?  Lots of women realise that black isn’t all that flattering to everyone, specially as we get older, but where to get non-black neutrals from?  At the moment I’m seeing lots of soft taupes, beiges and browns at […]

Splurge or Save? Fashion Fad Reader Question

..Yesterday I was emailed some photos by Katherine one of my lovely readers who wanted to know if she should save or spend on items.  Which would last years in her wardrobe, and which wouldn’t be worth the money. The pictures she sent me were this skirt and dress. One I advised to spend on […]

Stylish Thoughts – Jacqueline Peros – Image Consultant

..Today our Stylish Thoughts come from New York based image consultant and blogger Jacqueline Peros from JMP Style What is the secret to great style? I think it about how you present your uniqueness which is done by understanding your personality. It’s interpreting a trend or even a classic with a twist that can only […]

Win a Shopbob 100 US Dollar Gift Card – What to buy with the prize a new Botkier bag perhaps?

.. .The lovely people at online store Shopbop want to give one of my fabulous readers a $100US Shopbop gift card to spend. From Lauren Merkin and Botkier bags to Foley and Corinna bags there are so many designers and labels to choose from.  You can choose from clothing to shoes, handbags to jewellery, it’s […]

Weekend Reading: 25 June 2011

/Following up from my post on Loving Your Stomach – Materfamilias writes about grappling with the issue. What colour should you paint your closet space?  Maria at Colour Me Happy has some inspiration (if only I had a wardrobe that looked anything like the ones in her pictures.) LPC from Privilege writes about her style […]

Shorts Suits – Office Appropriate or Not?

. . Celebrities are getting out in short suits. Should you venture down this road and wear them to the office? The fashion mags certainly say you can, but really? I was over at Corporette the other day and they had a poll on this subject and the resounding answer was NO! Would you wear […]

Shop Local and Beyond: 22 June 2011

Etsy seller Ethora Pendant Given my time spent shopping with clients as their personal stylist, I thought I could share some of what I find out there in retail land with you. If you’re a cold person like me, then winter knits are important.  I’ve discovered that the fine merino long sleeve knits from Glassons […]

Stylish Thoughts – Sarah Brummitt – Image Consultant

Today I’m introducing the stylish thoughts of Sarah Brummitt, a London UK based image consultant who I met at the AICI Conference in Orlando in May who is inspiring and absolutely heaps of fun. What is the secret to great style? For me it’s always 3 things: Knowing what you want your clothes to express […]

Why Do We Hate Our Stomachs So Much?

. . Time and time again when I ask clients about what they’d like to highlight and camouflage on their body stomachs come up as a place that they dislike and want to make disappear.  Most of the time these are normal stomachs.   I see a lot of stomachs in my job as an […]

And the Winners of the Fotolia Subscriptions are ….

. . 5 lucky winners are: Lisa,Elizabeth001auAbbyDonnaJesslyn Please email me so that I can send you your prize! pic courtesy of