It’s My Birthday and I’d Love You to Nominate Me

Imogen Lamport

Verily Split Cowl Dress

Today’s my birthday and yesterday when I got home from Sydney I discovered that the lovely Leonie from Verily had sent me a new dress in the post which I’m wearing for your delectation today.   The Split Cowl dress has a lovely flattering cowl neckline and a  split sleeve.  Not so warm here so I’ve got a long sleeve black T layered underneath and a cardi on top.  I’ve replaced the belt that came with the dress with a leather one of my own.

Here is a model wearing the same dress without all my extra layers!

I’m sure that you, my lovely readers, would love to give me a present if you could?  How about a present that costs you nothing more than a minute of your time?

So there isn’t a better time than right now to go ahead and nominate Inside Out Style for the Nuffnang Blogger Awards for Best Fashion Blog as a little birthday wish for me.  Thanking you in advance!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    Looks like someone has already nominated you; the website wouldn’t allow me to do so again. Hope you win; you deserve it.

  2. Fly to Queensland and spend your birthday on the beach, it’s sunny up here! You look gorgeous in your Verily dress. I have nominated you Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday Imogen! Hope you have a fab special day. The dress looks great on you. Remind us when voting opens.

  4. Happy Birthday, Imogen!!! You look great in that dress! Hope you win!!

  5. Happy birthday! Lovely dress indeed!

  6. Happy birthday, voted for you!!!

  7. Mary Kathleen says:

    Happy Birthday Imogen, dress looks great, have voted for you and hope you win!

  8. Happy birthday! I actually like the dress better on you than the model! You look fantastic!

  9. Happy birthday! You look great in that dress!

  10. Happy Birthday Imogen! The dress looks great on you… and it’s a cold day here in Mexico City too I really like your extra layers and boots!

    PS: can people outside the Asia-Pacific region vote too?

  11. Now I have nominated you! Happy birthday!

  12. happy birthday! that dress is great on you!

  13. Happy Birthday. I voted for you and hope you win!

  14. Happy Birthday Imogen! You are nominated already, but I will be in line when the voting opens up! Good luck, you certainly deserve it!!!

  15. Tall & slim anon says:

    Happy birthday! Already nominated; look forward to voting for you.

  16. Hope you had a wonderful birthday–you definitely looked smashing in your new dress! Thanks for all your hard work that brings us informative and entertaining posts and videos. Your Real Life Body Shapes posts were SOOOO helpful, as well as your “How to…” series of posts.

    I’ll be back to vote for you. :)

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