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Bragbag organiser

The lovely peeps at Bragbag have given me one of their handbag organisers to review and want to give one of my lovely readers a handbag organiser of their own!

I’ve discovered that I really need a handbag organiser. I’m the kind of girl who likes to change handbags frequently and particularly if you’ve got one of those handbags that is just a bottomless pit, it’s great to have something to store some of the essentials in.

Bragbag organiser

What I like about this organisers:

  1. It’s made of a nice thick nylon and is sturdy but light.
  2. Has a pen holder.
  3. Has a place for business cards (or blotting papers… it’s up to you).
  4. Zips up so the stuff doesn’t fall out.
  5. It’s great for a smaller handbag as it’s quite compact.

Bragbags also make handbags and travel organisers as well as selling scarves and jewellery – so check them out now – you can find them on Facebook  or check out their website and buy online .

Now – wouldn’t you love to win your own Bragbag organiser?  To win leave a comment here and tell us the most unusual item you always carry in your handbag.

Competition is open to the whole world!  Winner will be drawn 29th December 2011!


  1. I’m not sure if it’s unusual or not, but I always carry a tape measure. I can quickly measure a garment to see whether I want to try it on. I have ideal lengths of garments written down so if it’s too short/long, I don’t waste my time!

  2. I always carry a small flashlight–because, due to a long chain of bad decisions made while on a dayhike, I ended up having to sleep overnight in a Tasmanian forest with nothing more than the clothes on my back and a pack of mints. It was a cold and hungry night! However, before I gave up on trying to find my way back to civilisation in the dark, the flashlight I just happened to have with me saved me from falling off the very narrow path into a river.
    Let’s not talk about being met by searching police officers when I made it back to my car in the morning. Too embarrassing!
    Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  3. I always carry my Singapore Identity Card even though I renounced my Singapore citizenship several years ago.

  4. I really really want one of those!
    Not least so my little Ganesh good luck charm will never be left behind!
    ( remover of obstacles really, more than a good luck charm!)

  5. I always carry a small photo of a beautiful tiger playing in the water in my cross-body bag. I love the combination of playfulness and strength and it cheers me up and motivates me when I’m feeling under the weather.

  6. A card from the hr departments of a high-end clothing store. It’s a momento of a friend’s career crisis – when she wanted to quit her job in medicine and go work as a buyer for this store.

    Thanks for all the good advice – from a long-time lurker!

  7. Stamps. You never know when you may need to post something!

  8. Small plastic box full of rusks and cheerios…they’re a lifesaver when you have a little one and are out and about.

  9. I always carry my colour swatches in my handbag so that I don’t get caught out buying clothes or fabric to sew with in colours that don’t suit me.

  10. Oh my lord, I NEED one of these! I must have been a girl scout in another lifetime (certainly wasn’t in this one!). I try to carry everything necessary for any type of emergency – band-aids, pain releif tablets, hayfever tablets, nail clippers, hairclips, emery boards, safety pins, shoe cleaning wipes, cotton buds, small makeup kit including trial sized foundation, travel sized translucent powder, palette with eyeshadow, lipgloss, brushes, mini eyeliner and mini mascara, anti bacterial handwash, anti-stain pen, business cards, various lipglosses, 2 thin silk scarves (black and hot pink), tissues, baby wipes, prescription driving glasses, prescription sunglasses, ventiolin puffer (for asthmatic son), glucose jelly beans (for diabetic partner), small umbrella, thin plastic poncho, 2 plastic wallets full of loyalty cards, folding hairbrush, mini tape measure, sunscreen, and hand cream! All packed into a 30 x 20 x 10cm bag. SOO easy to leave something vital behind when I swap bags!!

  11. I always have a small first aid kit, torch and small multitool with scissors. The most important items that I must never forget are tissues and/or wipes and a small plastic baggy, as they are no toilets near any of the playgrounds here, and when your child has to go they have to go!

  12. I’m happy to see that, like other readers here, I’m not the only one with a tape measure and a mini flashlight in her bag. I also carry empty plastic bags folded into tiny triangles as well as matches or a lighter. Except I don’t smoke. But when you live in a city with a (informal) blackout SCHEDULE, you might just need to light some candles or a kerosene lamp. It’s also handy as an air freshener in the bathroom, if you know what I mean.
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  13. I don’t carry anything unusual in my handbag, because I want it all to be easily replaced in case of loss, and I don’t want to be tempted to wait a minute and grab it if there’s a fire or other emergency in my office building. However, I do have a cosmetic bag full of … not cosmetics, but microUSB cords! Because one is never enough–when you need to recharge your phone and your ereader and your mp3 player, having enough cords is essential.

  14. I have an 18 month old, so I almost always have a diaper in my purse. They’re quire handy, actually. I most recently had to use it to mop up a bit of vomit when a stomach bug hit him.

  15. Jess DeWit says:

    not too unusual, but I always carry a spare pair of socks for my 2 year old because she likes to take hers off and put them in her mouth! I also carry a sippy cup and all my other mommy essentials because I don’t like using a seperate diaper bag.

  16. Hi Imogen,
    Probably, the oddest thing in my handbag is the monocular that I always carry. It is quite small and quite invaluable (to me, anyway). It’s super handy whether viewing wildlife from the road or theater events from seats that aren’t the best in the house. Wouldn’t be without it!
    Merry Christmas~

  17. Hi Imogen, I’d love to win a handbag organizer like the one you’ve shown!!! The most unusual thing I carry around in my bag – disposable toilet seat covers. You never know when you or your little one wants to ‘go’ and you can never be sure how clean public toilets are!!
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  18. I carry earplugs in my purse all the time. They have come in handy countless times. One day we were walking downtown and out of nowhere reenactors started a gun fight (that lasted a long time). I sure was glad to have my earplugs in my purse that day! I also carry my color swatches but maybe that’s now so unusual since I see someone else here does too. :-)

  19. I used to carry only the most essential of essentials, but now with a son in and out of the hospital I have switched to a bigger purse and carry a magazine for my entertainment while waiting for appointments, jerky sticks for him when he needs food in a hurry, a flashlight, a few small toys, and all manner of other stuff. An organizer would be great!

  20. I too, am a mini- torch & tape measure girl….have been so handy on occasions without taking up too much space . I don’t know if it’s unusual or not but I always carry my own organic herbal teabags & a mini Herbamare salt….works for me :)

  21. a spare set of glasses plus sunguards

  22. I cary 3 mascots all the time in my bag: one is a small legolike dino got from my first true love, almost 30 years ago:-)), second is a 1″long small axis turned on his own by my husband (a mechanical engineer) during his first practise in college, where we met, third one is a small St. Maria pendant- a heritage from my Grandma, she had brought for me in Vatican, cca. 50 years ago.
    These ones got me luck in college, all my interviews-or other stressed moments in my all life…:-))).
    (and–would very much like to win the handbag organiser:-))

  23. Oh, I could use this item, I am always rummaging in my handbag, trying to find something amid my gloves, hat, (it is winter on this side of the globe, in summer that would be my sunglasses) keys, mini-wind-up-torch, a game to play with DD6, a piece of shiney red wrapping string (DD6′s treasure) toothpicks, Ipad without the earplugs, used itunes card, et cetera.

  24. This is a great idea and much more user-friendly than the small purse I have been using inside of my purse to make my changing purses easier.
    The most unique item I carry in my purse is a Thimblescope. This is a small magnifier (tube) that fits inside a thimble to view any markings inside of a thimble. Thimble collectors are always on the hunt for “new” thimbles for their collections.

  25. Hi Imogen

    Coming from Christchurch I’ve started carry around a mini survival kit in mine, consisting of:
    Food – nuts, it was chocolate but I kept eating it :)
    A camera – you never know what you may have to take a photo of
    Antibacterial gel
    Secret stash of cash – all the money in the world is worthless if the power is out and you can’t use the ATM
    A wind up torch which I can also use to charge my mobile
    My car keys, never on my desk or table, always in my handbag
    Finally, on days I wear any kind of heal to work, I slip in a pair of jandals (a.k.a. flip flops, thongs) just in case I have to walk home.

    Along with all that I carry all the usual suspects so it’d be great keeping it all together. Also, I always know where my handbag is at home and at work, I find the ritual of habit comforting and on the practical side if I have to leave a building in a hurry I can grab my bag and go.

    Hmmm, I sound like a nutter but as we like to tell ourselves here “this is the new normal” so I guess my handbag has gone from a fashion accessory to a lifeline.

    Enjoy the Bay of Islands, my parents tell me that it was what made them decide to stay in NZ after immigrating here.

    Happy New Year

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