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I was called up by a journalist on 7 News, one of the local TV stations in Melbourne on Tuesday and asked to comment on one of our local high street fashion retailers increasing their clothing sizing to a size 16.

Given that according to CHOICE the average Australian woman is a size 16 (Australian), there is no wonder that retailers are finally starting to realise that they are missing out on income if they don’t cater.


  1. Lisa White says:

    THIS IS WONDERFUL! The fashion industry MUST realize that women come in all shapes, sizes and AGES.
    Besides enjoying the Aussie accent from my computer in Chicago, I also enjoyed your comments about accommodating all women. Last night, I went to a Neiman Marcus Fall preview party. This is a very upscale department store with quality items and price tags to match. So, there I sat with several women eating the delectable treats and the 6″2 twenty year old models (who were very sweet) with EXTREMELY thin bodies move around us modeling the clothing. This was all wrong on many accounts. First, I looked like the youngest person there at 56 years of age. All of these women were older and I would say their average size would be a U.S. 12. I am petite and probably a U.S. size 2 or 4. I looked heavy next to these girls. The over the knee boots and tight leggings would not be right. So, we all ate the goodies and some went to the fur department with their husbands and the checkbooks. Most of the saleswomen were my age or older and stood with their arms crossed. I went to the “management” and told them to “WAKE UP” in the nicest way I could as these people just don’t get it.

  2. Yes, retailers need to wake up. The average American size is a 12, which is the equivalent to UK 16. Unless your selling to small Orientals, start thinking bigger!

  3. It’s high time that retail shops start focusing on plus size fashion Women of all shapes and sizes should be able to enjoy trendy and fun outfits. I love this video and I think no one should feel isolated when shopping for clothes just because no shop offers the appropriate size.

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