Psychology of Colour – Purple

Purple Purple (or violet) is a colour with many connotations and meanings.  In the past it was associated with royalty as it was such a hard colour to create from natural materials to dye fabric thus was only worn but the very rich and powerful.  It’s symbolic for wealth and status in Japan.

These days, as purple is the shortest wavelength, and the last colour to be seen before the ultra-violet spectrum of rays, purple has been taken on as a spiritual colour.  It’s associated with the crown shakra, and to those who believe in such things, is associated with pure thoughts and spirituality.

There are many types of purples, from the red-violets to the blue violets.  The red-violets are warmer and more inviting and invigorating, the blue-violets are cooler and is more calming.

Violet is a more creative colour, it’s not one that you see frequently in traditional business-wear, but excessive use of it can give others the impression of eccentricity.

It’s the symbol of bravery too in the US Military – which awards the Purple Heart for courage in action.

23% of women rate purple as their favourite colour.  Pretty much no men do, but 22% of men rate it as their least favourite colour.  It’s one that divides – love it or hate it!


  1. My favourite colour. And a deep bright cool purple suits me as one of my very best colours. I have more necklaces and earrings in purple than in any other colour. My glasses frame is purple too (mostly I wear contacts though). My signature eyeshadow that I use every time I go out is a subtle light purple colour (I have greenish grey blue eyes.). I like to think of purple as royal and elegant :)

  2. Purple is one my favorite colors (my favorite colors are berry and burgundy tho ;P) but its strange its not a populare color in business because it isnt aggressive nor feminine. :S

    I love lilac/lavendel but it seems to be one of my worse color when you mentioned that on another post. :L
    Dusty and “Vampy” colors are my favorite “color theme”.

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