Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen

Unless there is a colour in between

This is a saying my mother would repeat to me as a child. Fortunately I realise that this is a rule that is made to be broken.

Blue and Green


Blue and green together are one of my favourite colour combinations.  It’s so restful and reminds me of a blue sky, over a turquoise sea, with some lovely green palm tree fronds waving in a gentle breeze.  Nature puts these colours together all the time, so why not repeat the pattern and wear them?

The trick, of course, when combining colours, is to ensure that they are all of the same intensity and undertone.  These are all cool undertone and fairly bright intensity with medium value, so they work well together.

Today I’m wearing a cobalt skirt with an emerald green top and a turquoise jacket with a lighter shade of turquoise and cobalt beads.  What’s not to love?


  1. They are my favorites!

  2. I love blue and green and have done an Indian version of almost the same shades here: Love that necklace!!
    Fab recently posted..Outfit Post – Colder Climes!My Profile

  3. They look fantastic together, I am puzzled as to why anyone would think otherwise…

    What I am still wondering though is whether soft and muted vs clear and bright are synonyms or not. Your colour analysis is the one I would turn to, but the one with the seasons is still v much out there and accidentally stumbled upon a webpage the other day. Just seems completely muddled to me..

    Here Courteney Cox and Liv Tyler fall into different categories, when their colouring looks identical me!

    Just how many catogories can people fall into?? The one with the seasons identifies far too many catogories in my opinion!

  4. Your photos and links are lovely! I too had heard growing up that blue & green didn’t go together, just as dark blue/black, brown/black, pink/red, etc weren’t supposed to either. I so enjoy how you give us instructive and understandable guidelines while also encouraging us to rethink “rules” and see more possibilities!

  5. Beautiful colours and even better together. It’s pretty dreary here in Toronto and you’ve brought a breath of tropical sea and sky into my day. Thanks!

  6. Really great! Thank you.
    But… not my colours. I often wear kaki with iceblue, maybe it’s the same family ;-)

  7. I wear them to but in the colors for a summer type. The colors you wearing are to intense for my. I just love them
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  8. Beautiful colour on you. They remind me of the amazing colour combinations found in tropical birds and fish.

  9. The version I learnt as a child is “blue and green should never be seen, except in a washing machine!” I still hear it in my head every time I put blue and green together…and wonder whether I should be.

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