The Reality of Women in the Media

Did you know that almost all images of women in the media and advertising are photoshopped.  This is a must watch short video.


  1. Very good video – really brings the point home. Every female should see it.

  2. I think this is definitely true, but only to a certain extent and women are also to blame for not realising that no sane (read worthy) man would think that this was reality. I think most men would prefer the Jessica Alba in the video above BEFORE she was slimmed down…

    Maybe I only move in circles of intelligent men, but I’ve asked many and not one single man I know thinks that stick-thin Kate Middleton is attractive or that the so-called Victoria’s angels supermodels are so super (a bag of bones, most of them). Men don’t seem fancy women who are too thin or too fat. I get equally annoyed at how overweight is now the new ‘curvy’, when it’s clearly not: there’s serious health implications for both starving yourself and for being overweight.

    This in my opinion is a telling photo:

    Size 8 seems far too skinny we all know that. But size 16 is no better: clearly overweight and it’s not just looks that are important but that by being the size she is, she is putting her health at risk…

  3. Thanks Imogen, this is a good video. More of Jean Kilbourne’s videos on this link including a very scary one called Slim Hopes: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness.
    Just imagine living in a culture where the “ideal” image was a fit woman at a healthy weight for her body and age. Well, we can dream…..

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