Turning a Tunic Top into a Skirt

Turning Top to a SkirtA while back I bought a tunic top from Target. I fell in love with the fabric, and overlooked that the shape didn’t do anything much for my body. Every time I put it on I felt frumpy and looked pregnant as my larger breasts made it balloon over my tummy.

It’s design was the same as this (just different fabric).

Target Tunic Top

Target Tunic Top

Rather than turf it, I decided that I could turn it into a casual skirt that would be ideal for summer.

So I just chopped off the top under the armholes, and sewed a few darts into the front and back to bring it in at the waist, and added a piece of wider elastic at the waist – and voila – a new, revamped skirt!

I love seeing how others have revamped clothing – share in the comments (with links to pics if you have them) of the pieces you’ve revamped into something new!


  1. Nice save! And the colour is beautiful.

    There are some very gifted refashioners around blogland. I’m not one of them yet, but I’m watching and learning :)

  2. I think this is brilliant. It’s a gorgeous print, and its easy to see why you were seduced by it. How clever of you to find a better way to wear it.

  3. And you can use the cut off fabric to insert pockets in the side seams. Because you should always have somewhere to at least carry a tissue.

  4. I always learn something on your blog, and in this case I learned two things. 1) The tunic to skirt idea; and 2) “turf it” which I’m guessing is Australian slang… I am totally incorporating that into my Yankee-vernacular.
    I just converted a hat to a headband; as a hat it was making my head look deformed and now it’s an attractive & functional accessory.
    Thank you!

  5. I turned an old T-shirt from the state fair into an infinity scarf. I got the idea out of a women’s magazine.

    The shirt was from the 2009 state fair and had the date on it, so wearing it as a T-shirt wasn’t going to happen. I cut it up into strips, tied them together and it makes a really cute scarf.

    I plan on doing that with a favorite maternity top or two this time around. It’s a great way to keep a favorite top that may no longer fit or is out of date.

  6. I have yet to repurpose clothing although I have done this with jewelry. I have taken pins or earrings no longer being worn and have made pendants or necklaces with them.
    As always, thanks for the wonderful and fun advice you give us.

    By the way, I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your e-book, Svelte in Style.
    Although I am not really looking to lose weight (I did have some extra weight in my 40’s that
    has now mainly gone (or shifted!), I found the contents to be very helpful to just about any

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