How to Find a Flattering Hairstyle

The best hairstyle for you is not just about face shape (though it does come into the equation and you can read about different face shapes and which styles they suit here on my blog. But have you considered your hair texture and body and how they influence the style you choose? Watch this short video for some extra tips.

More tips on how to find a flattering hairstyle based on your face shape:

Pear/Inverted Triangle


  • Lee says:

    I love this post – hairstyles in relation to you body – wonderful – are there also rules for the different body shapes? What is more important – to balance your hair with your face shape or with your body shape?

  • Vildy says:

    Great tips and I’m with you as to devoting as little time as possible to it. 😀

  • Shelagh says:

    So what if you have a double chin hiw do you sort out your face shape or style. I have very fine straight hair as well which has always been a pain.

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