How to Look Smart but Not Overdressed

One dress six ways

I like to dress with a level 1 combined with level 2 level of refinement, but don’t want to look try hard or overdressed when not dressing for more formal or fancy occasions. What to wear? If you are a more formal dresser naturally, you prefer more classic or structured clothes, finer fabrics and a […]

To Dubai We Fly – Yes Me and Maybe You

Win a trip to dubai

This Bloggerati getaway  is proudly sponsored by Dubai Tourism I’m super excited to be announcing this as I’ve had to keep it secret for weeks and weeks.  I’m so glad that I’m finally allowed to tell you about my upcoming trip to Dubai in early December. “Dubai Tourism is delighted to partner with Nuffnang on their […]

How to Solve the Belting Dilemmas for Short Waisted Women

Hey Imogen! I’ve read a lot about body shapes on your site and I’m already much wiser! But something still confuses me: I am petite (5’4”), very (!!!) short waisted and also a distinct A shape. And what I’ve learned about dressing these three characteristics seem to conflict. For example, a short waisted women should […]

What Shoes to Wear with Skirts and Dresses in Winter

I have started to wear knee-length skirts and dresses much more, but here in Europe, cold autumn is approaching, so more solid shoes are necessary. Have you any suggestions for styling warmer flat/low heel shoes (chelsea boots?) with short skirt? (at present my style is “practical mum” Is hosiery the only warm solution or can […]

Understanding Basic Colour Terminology

Colour is a subject that fascinates many of you. And I know I’ve written some posts on it before such as this one on understanding colour properties, but here is a picture I’ve put together to help try and explain the basics of tint, tone and shade. Colour terminology by imogenl featuring a lace top […]

What I Wore: Frocktober Week 3

Frocktober 2014

This past week I’ve been in Thailand on holiday, so didn’t manage to take as many photos as usual, but here are a few of my Frocktober efforts. Don’t forget that I’m raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and would love, love, love you to make a small (or large) donation to help […]

What to Wear Spring Racing and Melbourne Cup

There is always a lot of hype in what to wear but a great topic would be on how to dress affordably and what is in this season – Personally I love Melbourne Cup but I DREAD Having to find something to wear ( Writing this to you as I’m heading out tonight in an […]

ONCE the Musical – Review

Once the musical

Sponsored by Nuffnang I’ve always loved the theatre and music (here’s a small fact you probably didn’t know about me, I played violin and viola in orchestras from the age of 10 to 18ish), and I’ve been around music and stages for a long time.  One of my favourite experiences was playing in the orchestra […]

Stylish Thoughts – Ruby’s Musings


Today I’m really excited to share the stylish thoughts of Sacremento, California (USA) blogger end participant in my Evolve Your Style program, Stephanie of Ruby’s Musings What is the secret to great style? Be true to who you are. Find what works for you, your life, your personality and do not be afraid to color […]

The Undertones of Colours


I sometimes describe colours as being really warm or only mid warm or even just a little warm and I’ve been asked to share some pictures so you can see the differences. In this picture I’ve taken three colours and moved them from the really warm through the mid warm, via a little bit warm […]