Style Statement with Friends – How to Play the Game

Imogen is

Who are you and how do you want to be perceived? This is something I work through with my Style clients to discover who they are and how we can translate their personality into an authentic expression through their clothing and grooming. If you’ve thought about this topic before and have wondered how you are […]

Up Up and Away in a Hot Air Balloon

Balloon adventure 2

Tuesday this week, my honey and I took a hot air balloon ride over Melbourne. This is something I’ve wanted to do for the past 20 years or so. We rose before dawn and met the rest of the passengers and crew and were bused out to our launch site.  The launch site is decided […]

How to Wear Metallic Accessories

Hi Imogen-I really enjoy your blog & have learned a lot! My question-are ‘metallic’ accessories (handbag, shoes) considered to go with a certain season or can they be worn all year? I really appreciate your thoughts on this-thank you. I love metallic accessories to add some interest and dress up an outfit.  Anything with a […]

What to Wear with Printed Pants

What to wear with print pants

Hi Imogen, do you think you could share your tips on styling print pants? They are everywhere this season and although I’m not a slave to fashion, I bought a pair or black and white ones that I love, but what to wear them with? Printed pants are a common fashion trend at present.  They […]

Stylish Thoughts – Recovering Shopaholic

Debbie of Recovering Shopaholic

This Stylish Thoughts post is from Debbie of Recovering Shopaholic who is based in San Diego, California How would you define your personal style? My style has evolved considerably over the past few years as I’ve worked to recover from a decades-long compulsive shopping problem. For longer than I can remember, I bought so many […]

See the Light


Light is a super important part of my job. Having the right lighting allows me to see colours clearly, essential for doing a colour analysis as without light, there is no colour! In my studio I have 12 lights in the ceiling. They make for a bright enough light when it’s darker, but when you […]

What is Monochromatic Dressing anyway?

Could you also clarify monochrome? I know it’s technically different shades of the one colour but so many magazines and websites are calling black and white together monochrome, so I’m wondering how it works with two neutrals together. Monochromatic Mono = One Chromatic = Colour So is just means One Colour  it could be all […]

Losing Weight and Gaining Health

Weight loss

Some of you have started to notice and comment that I’ve lost weight. It’s interesting that nobody noticed the difference in my appearance until I’d shed around 10kg (22lb). Last October I realised that my weight had been creeping up for 3 years, and given my middle age, being the weight I was when I […]

How to Wear Chiffon in the Daytime

Chiffon for daytime

Hi Imogen, I would really love you to cover how to wear chiffon as day wear. Being a large busted H shape means that empire line tends to be best on me, but how do I avoid looking like I am wearing evening wear? Most pieces I see for daytime are waisted skirts and blouses […]

3 Simple Steps for Wearing Black When You Have Light Colouring

Most people who have light colouring don’t suit black. It’s just too dark and harsh on their complexion and it wears you, rather that you wearing the colour. But so many people still want to wear it, so here is a quick tip to make it less draining on you.   tips for wearing black […]