It’s OK to Fiddle With Your Jewellery (Just Not In Public) – Earrings


By Bernadette Lis – Our Resident Ms MakeItOver Scared of your own jewelry? That sounds a little ridiculous but if you think about it, sometimes I think we treat our little baubles and beads as if they were priceless museum artifacts! (If yours are, please post the pictures; we’d love to see them!) Now, I’m […]

How to Wear Scarves When You’re Busty

how to wear scarves when busty

I was recently asked by a lovely reader if I can share my tips on scarf wearing when you have a larger bust.  So I’ve made a short video to tell you my tips.  Don’t forget to check out these other posts that show more ideas and tips for scarf tying.   Easy way to […]

How to Shop Your Wardrobe

shop your wardrobe

You often hear the term “Shop your wardrobe” or “shop your closet” and that’s great, but for many, they have no idea how to actually do this. There are two stages you need to work through to be able to do it successfully. The first is to organise your wardrobe so that it’s easy to […]

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How to Clean Your Silver Jewellery

How to Clean Your Silver Jewellery

This is the easiest method to clean your tarnished silver jewellery (or silver cutlery, if you were thinking about getting it out for the Christmas dinner, but couldn’t be bothered to spend hours polishing it). All you need: Container that fits your jewellery (or whatever silver or silver plated pieces you’re cleaning) Aluminium foil Bicarbonate […]

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What Does that Dress Code Really Mean

White Tie Long dress (ballgown) with sparkle and bling – the most formal dress code     white tie by imogenl featuring Prada Click here to find out what Black Tie means if you’re reading this in an email

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5 Ways to Accessorize from Day to Night

Inspired by your post on formality of prints  I’m wondering if you could do the same examination with accessories? So: What makes a necklace/belt/earrings casual/formal/elegant? My aim is to have just a few clothes which I combine differently with different accessories. It’s not enough clear to me how to dress it up and down with jewelry. […]

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The Best Necklaces and Earrings for a Long Neck

Hello Imogen. I very love your blog articles, great thanks for them! I have too long neck, so I am looking for advice on what to wear accessory wise with a long neck. I know, that higher necklines are great, but I am not sure about earrings design. Please, would you so kindly, can you […]

How to Accessorize Grey Hair

Dear Imogen Do you have any advice on how to accessorize with salt and pepper hair? After ceasing to color my hair, my natural color is revealed to be a combination of multicolored warm/neutral grey streaks from ivory, to ecru, to silver, to taupe, to charcoal to a few streaks of seal grey. (I wear […]

How to Wear the Metal that is Opposite Your Undertone

Interesting post on upscaling jewellery, this got me thinking about your comment on showing some skin, is this also the case when for example wearing silver jewellery when you are a warm colouring of visa versa wearing gold tone when a cool colouring. I recently noticed someone who was a warm colouring wearing silver, I […]

What to Wear Spring Racing and Melbourne Cup

There is always a lot of hype in what to wear but a great topic would be on how to dress affordably and what is in this season – Personally I love Melbourne Cup but I DREAD Having to find something to wear ( Writing this to you as I’m heading out tonight in an […]