18 Funky Storage Ideas for Your Accessories

Here are a few of the best storage ideas I’ve found for accessories on Pinterest Make yourself one of these   A great use for peg board Love this novel use for ice cube trays – store your earrings! Turn your jewellery storage into art Find a gorgeous old frame and turn your earrings into […]

Handbag Shapes and Styles – How to Choose To Suit You

Length of Handbag Strap Length of Handbag straps by imogenl featuring Vince Camuto Strap length will determine how the bag is carried and where the emphasis is placed on your body. If you have a larger tummy you may like to hold a bag in front – thus a short strap is ideal as you […]

How to Be Comfortable in Style

Polar fleece – love it or hate it?  It’s one of those fabrics that is super comfortable and warm, but lacks style in a big way.  It’s a level 3 fabric that could be classed as appropriate for Outdoor Leisure activities such as going for a walk in the winter, watching football, heading to the […]

Shoulder Straps on Handbags

What to do with a long handbag strap?  Tuck it in when you're not using it.

A bag question for my new style guru: All the top handle bags seem to come with shoulder straps. It’s nice to have the option of slinging the bag over your shoulder if your hands are full, but when you are carrying it by the handles or over your arm, the strap dangles below the […]

How to Wear Cross-Body Bags


Hi Imogen, First off, I love your blog! It’s pretty much my #1 source for where to go to learn about style! You make everything very understandable and easily applicable. Now, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to wear a cross-body purse if you’re large chested. I love that style’s hands-free […]

Where to Wear Your Handbag or Purse

Where is the best place to wear your handbag? This is dependent on your body shape. Watch this short video to quickly figure out what your best options are.   Dress by Verily.com.au

Matching Bags and Shoes – Rules? Break Them!

How do you combine bag and shoes without being too strict on the matching rules? Matching shoes and handbags by imogenl featuring a leather shoulder bag Unless you are very classic or conservative there is no need to match shoes and handbags, in fact it can look quite contrived, unless it’s just black with black. […]

Bragbag Handbag Organiser Giveaway

Bragbag organiser

The lovely peeps at Bragbag have given me one of their handbag organisers to review and want to give one of my lovely readers a handbag organiser of their own! I’ve discovered that I really need a handbag organiser. I’m the kind of girl who likes to change handbags frequently and particularly if you’ve got […]

What Should and Shouldn’t You Match

Should you match nail polish on your toe and fingernails? This is a choice, there are no hard and fast rules, but it’s not necessary, as long as they  tone. It’s often easier to wear a more outrageous colour on your toes than on your fingernails, if you like to move away from the traditional reds and […]

How to Pick a Fake Handbag

. .You’re perusing ebay looking at ‘designer’ handbags, how do you spot the real from the fake?  Some tips to consider: 1. Pictures – if the pictures are stock photography (professional, from the designer’s website, the same as everyone elses) then it’s most likely fake.  Ask to see photos of the actual bag that you […]