5 Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Glasses Frames

Choosing colour of your glasses frames

Hi, could you please address what color and shape of glasses to wear depending upon coloring? I am a cool brunette. Thanks. There are so many elements to choosing a flattering frame, including colour – here are my top 5 essential factors to consider. 1. Colour Is your undertone warm or cool? If you are […]

How Good is Your Eyesight?

Choosing Frames

Sponsored by Nuffnang Eyes are the Window to Your Soul – And Sure Help You in Your Daily Life Too Vision is something that is mighty important to me. It would be impossible for me to do my job as an image and colour consultant if I didn’t have good vision. From looking at an […]

Buying Glasses Online: Review GlassesUSA

Glasses USA compare

My natural zoom function is rapidly disappearing.  According to my optometrist friend, by the age of 45, most people have lost their ability to zoom and require glasses to read smaller print.   Also, by the age of 40 you need 30% more light to read than you needed at 20.   These days I […]

How to Choose Flattering Glasses Frames

If you have to wear glasses what are some of the things you should consider when choosing your next eye glasses frames? There are a number of elements to consider:   1. The bridge width and placement 2. The depth 3. The colour Watch this short video to help you choose your next frames   […]

Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Eyewear

.. Sue Donnelly in her ‘geek’ glasses, if you want to sport this look you have to have a funky haircut and creative clothing I love it when I see a fabulous pair of glasses that make a statement about personality, and because there were so many great frames at the AICI Create Magic conference […]

How to Look Smarter and Get that Job

According to a study done by the British College of Optometrists found that wearing glasses to a job interview improves your chances of getting hired. The research found that 43% of people think that those who wear glasses are more intelligent.  We also assume that glasses wearers are quiet and don’t cause problems, other attributes […]

Glasses – Jewellery for the Face

Tania Many people wear eye glasses, but how many people really take the opportunity to find a frame that expresses their personality, that are not just practical, but are jewellery for the face? Irene While I was in Manila, I met a lovely image consultant Irene, who had a selection of fabulous frames, and I […]

How to Flatter a Pointed Chin

After my post on flattering a soft chin, I had repeated requests for a post on flattering a pointed chin.  Here are a few quick tips.   How to flatter a pointed chin by imogenl featuring Rick Owens Lilies jackets   Shorter hairs styles need some hair at the nape of the neck, this will balance your […]

How to Choose Glasses – Your PD

Ask your optometrist what your PD is – what’s a PD?  It’s your pupillary distance – that is the distance between your two pupils.  Why does it matter? Rather than try on 2000 frames and getting completely confused and overwhelmed by choice, your PD may preclude you from some frames.  If you look on the […]

How to Choose Glasses – The Most Important Factor

Today I’m starting again working with an optometry education company doing a workshop with retail optometry staff to teach them some of the image related aspects of helping their clients choose flattering glasses frames. But before you even start trying on frames, the No. 1 factor that will affect your choice, and what you need […]