Is it Racewear? What to Wear to the Melbourne Cup Carnival

Is it Racewear Infographic

On Saturday I went to Derby Day, one of the big race days of the Melbourne Cup carnival. Derby Day has a dress-code of black and white, along with the regular racing dress code. There were many well dressed women and men at the races, but also some serious clangers. So I’ve developed my Guide […]

How to Accessorize with Hats, Scarves and Gloves

What role should winter gloves/scarves/hats play in accessorizing? I’m still figuring out how to make scarf/jewelry/shoes/bags all work together in a not matchy-matchy way, and now that it’s getting cold, and winter adds another set of items to coordinate. (Also, I happen to work in a cold office so it’s not uncommon for me to […]

How to Choose a Hat to Flatter

Winter over here so finding a flattering winter hat is difficult. Would welcome advice for this. Liz hats by imogenl featuring vintage style hats   Firstly you need to know what your face shape is – you don’t need to be overly specific, just about the length to width ratio – for more information on […]

Spring Racing Carnival – What to Wear

Verily Dress

I’ve been invited by Gem Marketing to the VRC Oaks Club Luncheon on Wednesday and the dress code is Racewear – so I thought that I’d put together some outfits and let you vote on which outfit I should wear.  I’ve taken some photos and included some close ups of the hats – so now […]

Spring Racing Carnival Headwear Tips

wearing a little creation of mine

It’s currently Spring Racing Carnival here in Melbourne and there are hats and fascinators everywhere. If you’re going to a Melbourne Cup event or any of the race days what should you know about wearing hats and some of the conventions associated with each of the days? Derby Day – Black and White Official Flower […]

The Dress Most Copied – Royal Wedding

Like much of the Western World, I watched the Royal Wedding of William to Catherine.   Kate’s dress, by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was beautiful. A great “Princess” dress for a wedding in a Cathedral. Phillipa Middleton These days not too many brides wear the big princess dress, partly I think because many women […]

Weekend Reading (and Watching) Happy New Year to All

. . It’s 2010, and I always find the promise of a new year cleansing – a new beginning, a fresh look a the world, the opportunity to try something new or different. Sure, 1 January is an arbitary date and I could do the same thing any day of the year, but I suppose […]