Statement Earrings and Weekly Wrap – FABruary Style Challenge

Today is the day of the statement earring. Generally, If I’m wearing a statement earring, I won’t wear any other jewellery near my face as it can get too cluttered. The more petite you are, the more important this rule. I’m more likely to choose a statement earring over a necklace when I’m wearing a […]

Multiple Necklaces – FABruary Style Challenge

Wearing a couple of necklaces

Today our FABruary Style Challenge is to wear more than one necklace at the same time. Doing this is great if you are like me, and need to up the scale of your necklaces to large, so that your bust appear smaller. When I bought this necklace, I discovered that just one strand was not […]

Statement Rings – FABruary Style Challenge

Finishing off my outfit with a statement ring

I love a statement (cocktail) ring. It can add some oomph to an oufit and excitement to your hand.   What I love is that statment rings don’t have to be expensive. The ring in this pic above came from Claire’s Accessories, yet when worn with a more dressed up outfit, you assume it’s a […]

Arm Candy – FABruary Style Challenge

My Arm Candy!

  It’s day 1 of my FABruary Style Challenge and the launch pad for your style today is Arm Candy. How to interpret this theme? Wear a watch Wear a watch with a bracelet or two Wear a cuff on your upper arm Wear a stack of bracelets, try putting different ones together Wear a […]

How to Choose Jewellery for The Season

Hi Imogen, I have the following question: living in the Northern hemisphere I am wondering what jewellery looks right in the darker seasons. More sparkle? Warmer or deeper colours? What styles look good with warmer clothes? I look horrible in turtlenecks so will continue to wear wider necklines (covered with a scarf, obviously, outside) but […]

How to Choose Earrings to Flatter Your Face Shape

earrings to suit your face shape by imogenl featuring diamond jewelry Last week I made a video to show you how to figure out your face shape.   Now I want to share with you how to choose earrings to flatter and balance your face shape. Longer narrow faces (oblong and rectangle) look best in earrings […]

How to Choose a Necklace to Work with Your Neckline

One simple tip when choosing necklaces so that they harmonise with your neckline is to look at the shape of the neckline and replicate it in some way with the necklace. Watch this short video to see how it works. Dress:  Verily Necklace – V shaped from Mangowood boutique in Port Fairy, Victoria Necklace – curved […]

What We Were Wearing at the AICI Sydney Conference

Prints and Dresses - L->R: Brenda Kinsel, Peta Spring, Suzanne Dekyvere, Evelyn Lundstrom

People always ask me, what do you wear to an image consultants conference? I mean – the pressure to appear stylish in front of a group of your peers. So I took a bunch of snaps of some of the outfits that were at the conference to share with you. Image consultants aren’t scared of […]

The Power of the Third Piece

  3rd piece by imogenl featuring black pants The Third piece is your hero, it’s the accessory or piece of clothing that can add the excitement and personality to your outfit when everything else you’re wearing are  basics or supporting acts. Quite often it can be some sort of jacket, other times it will be […]

How to Mix Metals

Many of us own both gold and silver jewellery, but tend to wear one more than the other, but still want to wear all our pieces. So how can you mix your metal jewellery with style? The key to mixing metals is to have one as dominant at around 75% and the other subordinate at […]