What We Were Wearing at the AICI Sydney Conference

Prints and Dresses - L->R: Brenda Kinsel, Peta Spring, Suzanne Dekyvere, Evelyn Lundstrom

People always ask me, what do you wear to an image consultants conference? I mean – the pressure to appear stylish in front of a group of your peers. So I took a bunch of snaps of some of the outfits that were at the conference to share with you. Image consultants aren’t scared of […]

The Power of the Third Piece

  3rd piece by imogenl featuring black pants The Third piece is your hero, it’s the accessory or piece of clothing that can add the excitement and personality to your outfit when everything else you’re wearing are ¬†basics or supporting acts. Quite often it can be some sort of jacket, other times it will be […]

How to Mix Metals

Many of us own both gold and silver jewellery, but tend to wear one more than the other, but still want to wear all our pieces. So how can you mix your metal jewellery with style? The key to mixing metals is to have one as dominant at around 75% and the other subordinate at […]

How to Create a Casual Column of Colour

casual column of colour wearing Verily knit

Today I’m guest posting over at Creating Order from Chaos¬† about how I organise my life but before you go and read that post, I thought I’d just share my casual column of colour, given that has been a topic here recently. I’m sure some people wonder what an image consultant wears when they’re not […]

Review: Anjolee Diamond Stud Earrings


I love jewellery, you’re probably all aware of this given that I’ve just written a book about accessorizing. Jewellery can totally transform what you’re wearing and really does provide the finishing touch to your outfit. So I was delighted when Anjolee sent me a pair of Diamond Stud Earrings to review (OK, they sent me […]

What’s Your Favourite Flavour of Icing?

Accessories are the icing on the clothing cake.  Cake is nice enough by itself, but so much more delectable with some icing.   If you look at women you think dress stylishly, most likely there will be an accessory or two that makes the outfit work and adds that interest, that detail, that spark of […]

How Much Jewellery at Once?

.Following on from my post the other day about matching jewellery, I received this reader question: I see that the larger earrings are paired with ring / bracelet, not a necklace. How do I tell when my earrings are “too much” to be worn with a necklace? Combining Jewellery by imogenl featuring chandelier earrings My general […]

Matching Jewellery – Sets without being sets

..Today I’m off to speak to a group of business women, and my topic is accessories and how to choose them.  One topic I will talk about is how to match jewellery, without being matchy-matchy (unless you’re very classic in your personal style, matching sets tend to look old and fuddy-duddy). I’ve done up a […]

Co-ordinating Jewellery to Necklines

If the face is the ‘communication centre’ it’s really important to think about how to draw attention there.  Finishing off getting dressed so that you look ‘put together’ and stylish is helped immensely by what happens above the bust as it is close to the face.   Using a piece of jewellery in this area or […]

What Jewellery to Choose When You Have a Short or Wide Neck

Many people feel that if their neck is short or thick (or both) that it excludes them from wearing jewellery near their face, but this is not so. Jewellery for a Short or Thick Neck by imogenl featuring an enamel brooch Look for necklaces that are to your first balance point or longer (double that […]