18 Funky Storage Ideas for Your Accessories

Here are a few of the best storage ideas I’ve found for accessories on Pinterest Make yourself one of these   A great use for peg board Love this novel use for ice cube trays – store your earrings! Turn your jewellery storage into art Find a gorgeous old frame and turn your earrings into […]

A Guide to Visual Grouping

Visual Grouping

Here is how I came to think about it : being a dark-haired, cool person, I decided to “break my style rules” and bought a leopard faux-fur coat – I love it on your lovely colleague Jill Chivers -. I chose a not too warm background (sand). The spots are dark brown and I would […]

19 Pairs of Shoes Made for Walking

I am 62 yrs old. 4’11″, X body, short legs. I walk 2 miles into town and 2 miles back every day.  Twice a week I attend a theatre production.  For these I wear an upscale dress, but still have to wear runners because of the walk.  I’d rather not carry shoes, because once inside […]

Handbag Shapes and Styles – How to Choose To Suit You

Length of Handbag Strap Length of Handbag straps by imogenl featuring Vince Camuto Strap length will determine how the bag is carried and where the emphasis is placed on your body. If you have a larger tummy you may like to hold a bag in front – thus a short strap is ideal as you […]

Is it Racewear? What to Wear to the Melbourne Cup Carnival

Is it Racewear Infographic

On Saturday I went to Derby Day, one of the big race days of the Melbourne Cup carnival. Derby Day has a dress-code of black and white, along with the regular racing dress code. There were many well dressed women and men at the races, but also some serious clangers. So I’ve developed my Guide […]

How to Choose Earrings

Would you  please consider doing a  posts to help with the selection of earrings? I’d like to see information on how to select the best sizes and shapes for my face and hairstyle, as well as what style earrings look good with different outfits; i.e. casual, dressy, sporty. Any other dos and don’ts would be […]

How to Be Comfortable in Style

Polar fleece – love it or hate it?  It’s one of those fabrics that is super comfortable and warm, but lacks style in a big way.  It’s a level 3 fabric that could be classed as appropriate for Outdoor Leisure activities such as going for a walk in the winter, watching football, heading to the […]

R is for Rings

Whats your ring personality by imogenl featuring round wedding rings What about particular finger lengths? If your fingers are fairly medium in scale and proportionate to your overall frame, you can play with more sizes and details. Work with your personality to find rings that you love. Rings for Short or Stocky Fingers by imogenl […]

How to Look Modern

Modern classic by imogenl featuring a red trenchcoat Hi Imogen. Thank you for a really good blog – especially the body shapes have been a great help for me (a tall X). I am 39 and appear in media now and then. I struggle a bit too keep the look modern. I like to shop […]

How Good is Your Eyesight?

Choosing Frames

Sponsored by Nuffnang Eyes are the Window to Your Soul – And Sure Help You in Your Daily Life Too Vision is something that is mighty important to me. It would be impossible for me to do my job as an image and colour consultant if I didn’t have good vision. From looking at an […]