How to Choose a Makeup Foundation Colour

Makeup artist is sketching makeup style on a paper.

I received an email from Maria of Colour Me Happy who was asking on behalf of one of her readers about choosing makeup foundation colours.  It’s a tricky task, and I see so many people with the wrong colour, so here is my guide to help you choose. Undertone and Overtone of Skin The undertone […]

What I Wore and Weekend Reading 3 March

personal stylist training

A couple of outfits from the past week – both would fit into the comfy casual relaxed style book! Maxi from Target and a tee from Boo Radley And then there are my nice Zara summer jeans in white with a cardi (weather has been warm then cool!) If you’ve ever thought about doing what […]

How to Choose Makeup Colours that Flatter

choosing Lipstick colours

The first thing you want to think about when choosing makeup colours – from eyeshadow to blush, bronzer to lipstick, is will they flatter your complexion. You will find that when a colour doesn’t suit you, the colour of the makeup is noticeable, whilst when it does flatter your colouring, you are noticeable and you […]

Who Doesn’t Want Better Skin?

who doesnt want better skin

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Maybelline I’ve been asked to try out the new Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation (rrp$21.95) and Concealer ($14.95). It’s a new formula that is enriched with ACTYLE C, which is a vitamin derivative that helps the skin look fresh, healthy and radiant, promotes skin regeneration and starts to even discolouration in […]

How to Keep Blonde Hair From Going Brassy

With another cool blonde Karen who writes for

I was asked the other day how I manage to keep my new blonde hair from going warm and brassy (never a good thing when you have cool colouring like I do).  So here are a few tips I’ve picked up from my hairdresser Karleigh at Anthony Nitson Hair who is a colour specialist.   […]

Your Body is Your Paintbrush and Other Weekend Reading

Body image

Your Body is Your Paintbrush Not Your Masterpiece – I love this article and it’s a great reminder of how valuable your body is and why you should treat it well. Interested in the psychology of fashion?  Here are some interesting facts. Sal at Already Pretty discusses why caring about your appearance is part of self-care […]

My Morning Routine

Kids Morning Routine

  Sponsored by Nuffnang What does your morning routine look like? Mine goes something like this: Wake Up – around 7am Get Up – and have a shower Dress Up – in something that makes me feel great Make Up – it takes no more than 5 minutes Pretty Up – hair is 3 minutes […]

Y is for You

your style manifesto

You are beautiful and unique. Your body architecture is yours alone.  You are not one of 5 or even 10 body shapes and that is all you need to know.  You are much more than that. Your body architecture is a combination of silhouette, proportions, scale, texture, sheen, somatype, colouring, defining features and most importantly, your […]

Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape – Pear/Triangle/Teardrop

Triangle shape face (500x305)

A Pear/Triangle/Teardrop face shape has a broader jaw than forehead.  So your aim is to soften your jaw, make it appear a little narrower, whilst balancing your jaw to forehead.   It’s a bit like a heart shape face flipped upside down. Hairstyles that Flatter a Pear/Triangle/Teardrop Shaped Face Layers around your face work really […]

How to Find a Flattering Hairstyle

The best hairstyle for you is not just about face shape (though it does come into the equation and you can read about different face shapes and which styles they suit here on my blog. But have you considered your hair texture and body and how they influence the style you choose? Watch this short […]