Toe Nail Fun


Yesterday and today I’ve been stuck in bed with a case of gastro (not fun), but as I’m now on the mend and slightly bored, I thought it was time to paint my toenails (it’s summer here so they are on display a lot). My lovely daughter wanted me to do hers at the same […]

How to Choose Flattering Seasonal Makeup Colours

  How to Choose Makeup Colours by imogenl featuring NYX I’ve just been reading the latest issue of In Style magazine which has got me all het up. In the makeup feature, they list the latest fashion colours: Orange Fuchsia Violet Emerald And then proceed to tell you that everyone can wear them. Sadly, this […]

The Importance of Eyebrow Grooming + Win an Eyebrow Makeover

Eyebrow grooming at Play Brow & Lash Bar

My first attempt at eyebrow grooming at around the age of 16 was a disaster.  I kid you not.  I tried tweezing, but after one hair decided it hurt, so I thought around the problem and decided instead to grab a razor and just trim my brows.  Sadly, I trimmed a big hole into one […]

Are You Looking After Yourself?

Dove Pure.jpg

Sponsored by Nuffnang Recently I took up yoga again. The first time I lay down for the meditation and just let myself relax I nearly burst into tears. I realised that I hadn’t been looking after myself very well. As a single mother of two primary school aged kids who play musical instruments, take dance […]

My Makeup Essentials

My makeup essentials

Eyeshadow base or primer – $25 If you’re like me and find that eyeshadow just ends up in the crease of your eyelid a few hours after you put it on, you want some eyeshadow base/primer. I no longer would even bother putting on eyeshadow without the primer first. It keeps my eyes looking fresh […]

The Right Perfume for You

Perfume quote Christian Dior

Do you have a signature perfume or a wardrobe of perfumes? Do you wear it only for special occasions or every day? Did you know that smell is our strongest sense, which is why a smell can take you to a situation or experience in your life so easily. Scents are broken down into 4 […]

Give Yourself a Hand

Things we do with our hands - Stroking Cleo

Do you think much about your hands or are they just there doing stuff for you all day, without you really noticing?  Why should you bother looking after your hands? I do appreciate my hands, and all the things they do for me which include: shake hands hold hands stroke pat express yourself more eloquently […]

G is for Grooming

Eva Longoria

G is for Grooming by imogenl featuring shine shoes Clients always ask me how they can appear stylish and I have a number of tips to help them, but one of the critical ingredients is grooming – the topic of this post. Grooming is the first thing that goes when we are sick or tired. […]

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair on Your Clothes

Cleo with her pink smiley face foot

Imogen, this seems an appropriate time to ask if you could do a post for those of us with pets please. The hair! It gets everywhere! Any tips on clothes to wear at home that don’t attract quite as much hair? I like wearing layered knits but they are not exactly practical when you have […]

What Should and Shouldn’t You Match

Should you match nail polish on your toe and fingernails? This is a choice, there are no hard and fast rules, but it’s not necessary, as long as they  tone. It’s often easier to wear a more outrageous colour on your toes than on your fingernails, if you like to move away from the traditional reds and […]