Win a Beauty Bag worth $370 from David Jones

Win this fabulous beauty bag from David Jones

I’ve been lucky enough to be given a Beauty Bag full of exclusive beauty goodies from David Jones worth $370 which I want to give to one of you lovely readers. Inside you’ll find: • Aromatherapy Co Votive Candle 50g • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 30ml • OPI Nail Lacquer 15ml • Lancome Absolue Precious […]

Review and Giveaway – Avon Pro Line Corrector Treatment with AF33

Up close with my skin

  Skin is so important. It’s the largest organ of your body and for me it’s always been the part of me that indicates how well I’m looking after myself. Not enough sleep, dark circles around my eyes. Not enough zinc or not enough self-care, break out city. Until I was 26 and took radical […]

Are You Looking After Yourself?

Dove Pure.jpg

Sponsored by Nuffnang Recently I took up yoga again. The first time I lay down for the meditation and just let myself relax I nearly burst into tears. I realised that I hadn’t been looking after myself very well. As a single mother of two primary school aged kids who play musical instruments, take dance […]

My Makeup Essentials

My makeup essentials

Eyeshadow base or primer – $25 If you’re like me and find that eyeshadow just ends up in the crease of your eyelid a few hours after you put it on, you want some eyeshadow base/primer. I no longer would even bother putting on eyeshadow without the primer first. It keeps my eyes looking fresh […]

G is for Grooming

Eva Longoria

G is for Grooming by imogenl featuring shine shoes Clients always ask me how they can appear stylish and I have a number of tips to help them, but one of the critical ingredients is grooming – the topic of this post. Grooming is the first thing that goes when we are sick or tired. […]

Keeping Wrinkles at Bay

I’m often asked for my beauty tips as people think I’m at least 5 years younger than my chronological age. My biggest tip is to wear sunscreen.  Environmental damage from the sun and pollution (smoking is a terrible pollutant and causer of wrinkles too, fortunately I’ve never smoked). At the moment here in Melbourne it’s […]

How to Make Your Own Tinted Moisturiser

.. When I was away recently a few times I wanted a tinted moisturiser, and of course I didn’t take one with me, and I often find it hard to find the right shade of tinted moisturiser for my skin anyway.  Then I remembered the old trick of mixing in equal portions your regular moisturiser […]

Weekend Reading – Beauty Myths and Facts

How many of us are sucked in by the advertising for beauty products – the latest cream that says that 87% of people saw less lines and wrinkles?  I know I desperately want to believe, but also am aware, when reading the fine print that that’s only the perception of a study of 20 people. […]

Check Your Skin for Skin Cancer

For all of you in the northern hemisphere currently in your summer, or for those of you who live in climates of perennial summer, it may be a good time to think about getting your skin checked out for skin cancer. is having free skin cancer screenings through out the USA – check out […]

10 Reasons To Feel Great About Your Clothes

Do you ever think that worrying about your clothes is shallow? That really you should be spending your time working out how to end world poverty? Well here are my Top 10 reasons why you should enjoy your clothing. If you look good, you feel good and behave in the world with greater confidence. This […]