Losing Weight and Gaining Health

Weight loss

Some of you have started to notice and comment that I’ve lost weight. It’s interesting that nobody noticed the difference in my appearance until I’d shed around 10kg (22lb). Last October I realised that my weight had been creeping up for 3 years, and given my middle age, being the weight I was when I […]

Understanding Colour – Tints, Tones and Shades

colour properties

Would love it if you could show us some samples of color that you describe in this comment…”Plus, once you’ve gone through the grey stage to the all white stage – you can start to brighten slightly again (though not the really bright colours, usually those with a high tint (lots of white added)” What […]

Understanding Undertone and Ageing – Warm to Cool

warm to cool

Yesterday I wrote about how fast your colouring changes as you age. In the the question, I was also asked if you can have a neutral undertone – one that is neither warm nor cool. In my decade of doing image consulting and having draped countless people, I’ve never seen someone who is purely neutral. […]

How Your Colouring Changes as You Age

Imogen, can you please do a post on this, how one’s colouring might change as we age? It doesn’t happen overnight, does it, so how quickly does it happen? I’d also be interested in whether there is a neutral, ie neither warm, neither cool colouring? And whether some people are only a little warm (what […]

Not Going Grey Gracefully Part 2

not going grey gracefully 2

  Today I spent the day at the hairdressers, moving my now warm orange/brown/blonde hair to a cooler ash/pearl blonde (See Not Going Grey Gracefully Part 1 if you missed the first part of my hair colour change journey). Firstly my hair was stripped of the remaining colour and we managed to remove more of […]

Not Going Grey Gracefully – Part 1

Still got it all wrapped up for safe keeping

I’ve been going grey since I was 15 – in fact I carefully packaged up my hair and have kept it for 20 years now. By the age of 22 I remember trying to count the number of grey hairs in my fringe (bangs) and lost count there were so many. That was the point […]

Fabulous Fashionistas – Style Documentary

Age Ageing Style Colour

A fabulous documentary on style and fashion – showing it’s not just for the young! It’s now available for viewing here.

How to Avoid Looking Frumpy or Matronly

I would be interested in your advice on the opposite of looking more mature- how to avoid look ‘mature” i.e. matronly or frumpy when you are a larger size (i.e. 16+) woman….Thanks. Love reading your posts   To avoid looking frumpy: principles of volume by imogenl featuring indigo jeans Ensure that you don’t wear too […]

7 Easy Ways to Dressing Youthfully but Not Too Young

Iris Apfel always accessorizes

Hi Imogen, I was on Yelp today and reading up on reviews for clothing places to shop in NYC. I saw a number of reviewers talk about how difficult it is for the 30 or 40 something to find clothes that still make them look young but aren’t so young looking that make them look […]

Is that Really a Compliment?

What has age got to do with beauty?

Today a guest post from New Zealand writer Pam Finnie as she discusses the sensitive topic of attractiveness and ageing in women.   A few years ago I was at a barbeque talking to a professional man in his late fifties. He was telling me about a woman he knew who he thought I should […]