How to Dress Youthfully But Not Too Young

In this video I answer a common question about how to dress modern and youthfully but without being mutton dressed as lamb.

How to Avoid Looking Frumpy or Matronly

I would be interested in your advice on the opposite of looking more mature- how to avoid look ‘mature” i.e. matronly or frumpy when you are a larger size (i.e. 16+) woman….Thanks. Love reading your posts   To avoid looking frumpy: principles of volume by imogenl featuring indigo jeans Ensure that you don’t wear too […]

Advanced Style – Tips for the over 40s

Many clients tell me that they’re worried about looking like mutton dressed as lamb (ie, too young for their age). But just as much I have clients who don’t want to look or feel frumpy and old, they want to be modern and youthful, but still appropriate – so how do you achieve this? Jill […]

The Secret to Staying Young

Taking regular exercise helps you to stay physically healthier and mentally sharper into old age, four studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed on Monday. One of the studies found that women who exercised more during middle age – defined as an average age of 60 by researchers at the Harvard School of […]

Finding Your Neutrals

You may have already seen my post about Black not being the be all and end all of neutrals. ┬áSo if you cut black out what are your options? Fortunately there are a myriad of other neutrals to choose from. ┬áNeutrals are like colours, and you can test them to see if they work for […]

Age Appropriate Jeans

Following on from my post on How Not to Look Like Mutton Dressed as Lamb, some interesting thoughts were put forward. Karen asked that I do something on Jeans for the woman who is neither mutton nor lamb, who is of a certain age, so I’ve created this little polyvore to share with you. There […]

How Not to Look Like Mutton Dressed as Lamb

One of the most common issues many women face is that as they get older they worry about dressing inappropriately for their age – the old “mutton dressed as lamb” issue. Interestingly, what I’ve discovered with my clients, is that if that thought ever crosses their mind, it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and they can […]

5 Skin Care (not so) Secrets

OK, I’m 40 (turned it last year) but rarely do people think I’m anywhere near this old (not to be too vain or up myself), so what are my skin care secrets? 1. Wear sunscreen – every day of your life (if you live in a climate like Australia anyway). 80% of skin damage is […]

Why Black May Not Be Your Best Friend- Busting the Black Myth

..In fashion magazine after fashion magazine you will read that essential in every woman’s wardrobe is a pair of black trousers and a Little Black Dress because both these garments are the most flattering and slimming you can find. They are of course aren’t they? The answer is – only if black is a colour […]