Not Going Grey Gracefully Part 2

not going grey gracefully 2

  Today I spent the day at the hairdressers, moving my now warm orange/brown/blonde hair to a cooler ash/pearl blonde (See Not Going Grey Gracefully Part 1 if you missed the first part of my hair colour change journey). Firstly my hair was stripped of the remaining colour and we managed to remove more of […]

Not Going Grey Gracefully – Part 1

Still got it all wrapped up for safe keeping

I’ve been going grey since I was 15 – in fact I carefully packaged up my hair and have kept it for 20 years now. By the age of 22 I remember trying to count the number of grey hairs in my fringe (bangs) and lost count there were so many. That was the point […]

Ideas Worth Sharing – The Power of Vulnerability

This is one of the most powerful TED talks video by Brene Brown I’ve seen – so worth the 20 minutes!

What Are You Putting Off?

This short video from the survivor of a plane crash has some great life lessons for all of us.

Ideas Worth Spreading – My Stroke of Insight

  Jill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: She had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions — motion, speech, self-awareness — shut down one by one. An astonishing story. Watch this video to discover just how the two hemispheres of our brain function.  It’s fascinating and […]

Remember, You are Beautiful

Love this video – it’s a great reminder that you don’t have any flaws and that you are beautiful.

The Reality of Women in the Media

Did you know that almost all images of women in the media and advertising are photoshopped.  This is a must watch short video.

Psychology of Colour – White

Psychology of White

White is ethereal, it’s the colour of clouds, snow and seafoam. It says: clean and hygenic, fresh and new.  It’s often associated with winter in cooler climates, because of the snow. A fresh new piece of paper – a blank page, ready to be written on. In the Western world it’s the colour of the […]

Psychology of Colour – Yellow

Psychology of Yellow

Yellow is the happiest colour. It’s a bright sunshiny day. As the brightest and lightest colour in the visible colour spectrum it is fun, playful and uplifting. Because it is so light and bright and noticeable from a distance, it’s used for taxi cabs in many places and traffic signs to grab our attention and […]

Psychology of Colour – Purple


Purple (or violet) is a colour with many connotations and meanings.  In the past it was associated with royalty as it was such a hard colour to create from natural materials to dye fabric thus was only worn but the very rich and powerful.  It’s symbolic for wealth and status in Japan. These days, as […]