How to Make Stress a Positive Force in Your LIfe

I found this TED talk the other day and was blown away by the research and the findings. It’s all about stress and how you perceive it and therefore how it affects you. This is a MUST watch! Turn you stress into a positive force

Turning Women Into Cover Models and Their Reactions

Here is a great short video about how real women who think they want to look like cover models really feel when they have the experience.

Remember, You are Beautiful

Love this video – it’s a great reminder that you don’t have any flaws and that you are beautiful.

The Reality of Women in the Media

Did you know that almost all images of women in the media and advertising are photoshopped.  This is a must watch short video.

How Does Your Body Language Influence Your Life

Image is more than just what you wear.  It’s all about the ABCs – Appearance, Behavior, Communication.  Body language is just one of those elements, but according to research is incredibly important in how we are perceived and even how we think and behave.  Find out more in this really interesting TED talk.  

Svelte in Style – Coming Soon!

Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and my new book Svelte in Style, how to look and feel great while losing weight is coming in less than a week! Watch this short video for some more information about it, or you can also check out our website to find out more. I will be offering […]

What Flaw is That?

There are no flaws

People don’t notice your flaws until you point them out.  I learned this from a friend, many years ago at University.  She had heaps of friends and appeared very attractive.  One day I asked her what her secret was and she told me that she never ever points out what she perceives to be a flaw to […]

Why is Being a Girl so Bad?

Pink doesnt make you weak

My 10 year old son had to write a speech this week titled “A Fair Go” and he so we were talking about what constituted a fair go. I was explaining to him that fairness and equality are really important and that for a long time there has been (and sadly still is) much unfairness […]

Where Do You Attitudes to Clothes Come From?

. .When I’m with a client I like to understand them and why their clothes aren’t working for them.  Quite often there are deep seated attitudes to clothes that they’ve never thought about, why they end up wearing clothes that make them look much older or younger than they are, or why they can’t spend […]

Confidence Comes from the Inside Out

Yesterday I asked where confidence in appearance comes from – and many commented that lack of confidence can stem from negative comments made during childhood. These comments seem to burn right into us and are often v ery hard to shake off as we grow up – we take them as gospel truth, rather than […]