Choosing Collars To Balance Your Figure

  Understanding collars and lapels by imogenl featuring a green coat Choosing Collars and Lapels O/A shape – broader collars to balance hips I, V shape or petite – narrower/smaller collars not to further broaden shoulders or overwhelm your frame H, X, 8 shape – medium collars – higher will make you look taller, lower […]

How to Choose Swimwear for Your Body Type

It’s summer in the Northern hemisphere and if it’s actually hot (sadly summer isn’t always so hot everywhere), but if you need a new swimsuit and want some tips to flatter your body shape, as they are the most unforgiving of garments, then read on. Swimwear to Flatter Your Body Shape Swimwear to flatter your […]

Don’t Waste Your Money – I shape

What to avoid I shape by imogenl featuring a line skirts 1. If you choose to wear anything that is boxy or baggy, without belting, it will overwhelm your figure.2. Large scale clothes with no shaping will make you look like you’re dressing up in your parents clothes.3. Very tailored shaping such as peplums that […]

How to Choose a Flattering Cardigan

If you’re like me and like to wear a cardi when it’s a little nippy, how to choose one to flatter your figure? Choosing Cardigans by imogenl featuring Rocha.John Rocha Clockwise from top left – the stripy cardigan is great for I shapes, the wide stripes will add curves as will the pocket detail which […]

Real Life Body Shapes – I

. The I shape is characterised by a long lean body, shoulders are similar to hips, though sometimes marginally wider, (but never linebacker). There isn’t a particularly defied waist, many describe themselves as boyish.  Here are 3 examples. How to dress your I shape body: I shape body by imogenl featuring Wet Seal tops If […]

Body Shapes Explained – I Shape (slim and boyish)

.If you’d describe your figure as boyish, with little in the way of curves, or as one of my readers described herself to me in an email to me as ‘bean pole’ and then said she couldn’t find a post describing her shape.  I’ve realised that I’ve made a terrible oversight and missed out doing […]

Empire Waist Dresses and Tops – Do’s and Don’ts

An Empire Waist garment has a high cut waist seam that sits directly under the breasts (above your natural waistline).  It’s flattering on so many body shapes because it doesn’t require a defined natural waist to work. For petites it works because it raises the waistline up, so raises the eye higher on the body […]

Bad Design

Is it me or the clothes?  Women, notoriously blame the garment when it doesn’t flatter them or fit them, but in fact, if we look closely at the design of the garment, we will soon realise that it is not us or our body (which is perfect) but a badly designed garment. What do I […]

To Tuck or Not To Tuck – That is the Question

Karen asked me to give some advice on tucking – who should and who shouldn’t. To Tuck or Not to Tuck by imogenl on Basically, if you are short through the waist (and especially if you have a medium to large bust), don’t tuck, it will make you look even shorter through the waist. […]

Body Shapes Explained – The Celebrity Version

8 Shape – Beyonce 8 Shape – Catherine Zeta Jones O Shape – Dame Judi Dench O Shape – Queen Latifah A Shape – Kristen Davis A Shape – Kate Winslet I Shape – Nicole Kidman I Shape – Lindsay Lohan V Shape – Demi Moore V Shape – Jennifer Garner X Shape – Rihanna […]