How to Stay Cool and Stylish

I know that many of my readers are in the northern hemisphere where it’s currently winter, but here in Melbourne, we’re sweltering – or in the words of Cole Porter “It’s too darn hot!”. The heat from my laptop feels extreme, something I normally don’t notice. My hands are sweating on the keyboard as I […]

Patterned Skirt – What Colour Top?

Do you like to wear a patterned skirt but are unsure what colour you should choose for your top? If you are an X, A, 8 or H shape, choose a lighter or brigher colour from the top to draw attention away from the hips/thighs and up to your face. If you’re an H, O, […]

Body Shapes Explained – I shape (boyish)

This is the shape of models, very slim, which many would call boyish. For many, you may wish to add some curve to your body, to make it look more feminine. To do this, think about adding detail where the feminine normally curves – so bust, waist, butt and thighs. Make sure your fabrics aren’t […]

Choosing Skirts – The Straight Skirt

If you like the look of a straight or pencil skirt, which shape should you choose for your body? This Premise skirt from Nordstrom with pleat details at the waistband is only suitable for women who are and I shape, straight up and down and very slim, with no hips as it will give you […]

The Art of Ombre

Ombre (or shaded dyeing) is a big trend in current fashions, but how to wear it so it’s flattering? If you want to slim your hips, be careful where the lighter and darker shades lie. In this skirt from Nordstrom, the light colour is at the hips and it becomes darker toward the hem, this […]

How to Create Curves

If you’re one of those women who would describe their shape as ‘boyish’ or ‘beanpole’ these tips are for you, if you would describe yourself as curvy, I’d advise against wearing anything that resembles these clothes! To create curves, a sweater dress like this one from Banana Republic will add plenty of vava voom! The […]