How to Choose Swimwear for Your Body Type

It’s summer in the Northern hemisphere and if it’s actually hot (sadly summer isn’t always so hot everywhere), but if you need a new swimsuit and want some tips to flatter your body shape, as they are the most unforgiving of garments, then read on. Swimwear to Flatter Your Body Shape Swimwear to flatter your […]

How to Flatter a Protruding Stomach

Hi. Imogen. We visited your talk recently and enjoyed it immensely. Have downloaded your ebooks and getting lots of helpful hints. On your blog I have just read the article about why dislike your stomach? and want to comment – I am an older woman whose anterior abdominal wall muscles have collapsed making my stomach […]

How to Rock a Tuxedo Jacket in a Feminine Way

I recently bought a women’s tuxedo jacket. Now, how do I wear it? I don’t want to make it more masculine. No cumberbunds in black or hot pink. I do want to feminize it. I also want to wear the tuxedo jacket in a casual type of way. Like with jeans. But what type of […]

Pregnancy Dressing Tips

Hi Imogen, I have just recently started reading your blog and am appreciating all the info. you have there! I’ve determined that I am type X.  I have a long torso, defined, long waist and short legs.   (at 5’6″, I sit as tall as my 6’1′ husband). I was wondering if you have any advice […]

Real Life Body Shapes – O

. So finally to our Real Life O body shape. I’ve only had a couple of photos sent in, but if you’d like to send me yours if you think you are an O, please do and I’ll add it in.   When I was looking at these photos I got out my Trinny and […]

Don’t Waste your Money – O Shape

.Most O shapes that I’ve met tend to feel self-conscious about their stomach area, so here are some tips of what not to take into the dressing room if you are an O shape. What to Avoid 0 Shape by imogenl featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs tops Dresses or tops with belting at the waist. […]

Patterned Skirt, What Colour Top?

..If you want to wear a patterned skirt how do you choose what colour from the pattern to go with the top? Focal Points Pattern by imogenl featuring Hobbs tops It’s as easy as this.  If you want to draw attention up, and distract from your lower half (A shape, X shape), wear a lighter […]

How to Wear a Belt when You Don’t Have a Waist

..I’m an H shape, not waist to speak of, and sometimes I wish I could wear a belt, but they just show off my lack of waist. So what are my options? How to Wear a Belt, H or O Shape by imogenl featuring Forever21 Option 1 is to wear it low down on my […]

Empire Waist Dresses and Tops – Do’s and Don’ts

An Empire Waist garment has a high cut waist seam that sits directly under the breasts (above your natural waistline).  It’s flattering on so many body shapes because it doesn’t require a defined natural waist to work. For petites it works because it raises the waistline up, so raises the eye higher on the body […]

To Tuck or Not To Tuck – That is the Question

Karen asked me to give some advice on tucking – who should and who shouldn’t. To Tuck or Not to Tuck by imogenl on Basically, if you are short through the waist (and especially if you have a medium to large bust), don’t tuck, it will make you look even shorter through the waist. […]