How to Wear Skinny Jeans

Could you do a post on skinny jeans? They are in all of the shops right now and I’m not sure if I can wear them. I’m an I shape with my shoulders a little wider than my hips, average B cup bust-line and I’m a petite at 5’2″. What sorts of jackets and tops […]

Inside Imogen’s Wardrobe – Jeans casual

Imogen, casual in jeans and pink chiffon top

Frequently I’m asked “As an image consultant do you always have to dress up?”. My answer is, “Well I still wear jeans and t-shirts, but they’re good jeans and t-shirts and I tend to accessorize too.” You never know when you leave the house, even if it’s just the supermarket or the school run, if […]

How to Create Waist Definition without a Belt

It attracted my attention that you mention that you wear skirts/dresses or jeans most of the time. I do the same thing, and it has been working great for the most part, thanks to your blog. The main thing that I learned is that I am X-shape and I should belt over skirts/dresses, I enjoy […]

Style Rules – Break or Follow?

Verily dress

There are a plethora of style rules to follow and sure they’ll help you look fabulous and flatter you body and colouring. But doesn’t it sometimes get boring following rules. I wanted to show you in one outfit the rules I’ve followed and the one I’ve broken. Breaking the Rules Today I wore a Verily […]

How to Rock a Tuxedo Jacket in a Feminine Way

I recently bought a women’s tuxedo jacket. Now, how do I wear it? I don’t want to make it more masculine. No cumberbunds in black or hot pink. I do want to feminize it. I also want to wear the tuxedo jacket in a casual type of way. Like with jeans. But what type of […]

Pregnancy Dressing Tips

Hi Imogen, I have just recently started reading your blog and am appreciating all the info. you have there! I’ve determined that I am type X.  I have a long torso, defined, long waist and short legs.   (at 5’6″, I sit as tall as my 6’1′ husband). I was wondering if you have any advice […]

Why Armholes Matter

Effect of Armholes by imogenl featuring long sleeve tops How the sleeve is cut and fits into a top or jacket can change the way a garment appears on your body.  If you have a deeper, lower cut armhole, this will add some bulk to your chest region, so is great for women with narrower […]

Tips for How to Choose a Winter Coat

I was asked by a reader the other day for help choosing winter coats.  Here are a few tips. choosing coats by imogenl featuring a leopard jacket Clockwise from top left: Show off a defined waist with a belted coat like a trench – great for X, A and 8 shapes. If you are petite, […]

Don’t Waste Your Money – I shape

What to avoid I shape by imogenl featuring a line skirts 1. If you choose to wear anything that is boxy or baggy, without belting, it will overwhelm your figure.2. Large scale clothes with no shaping will make you look like you’re dressing up in your parents clothes.3. Very tailored shaping such as peplums that […]

Body Shapes Explained – Defining Points

I was asked the other day by a reader where are the defining points to figure out body shape. n Is it bust, waist and hips, shoulders waist and hips and where are the hips defined from – the thigh or up on the buttock area? For me (and I’m sure there will be some out there […]