Body Shapes Explained – Defining Points

I was asked the other day by a reader where are the defining points to figure out body shape. n Is it bust, waist and hips, shoulders waist and hips and where are the hips defined from – the thigh or up on the buttock area? For me (and I’m sure there will be some out there […]

Real Life Body Shapes – O

. So finally to our Real Life O body shape. I’ve only had a couple of photos sent in, but if you’d like to send me yours if you think you are an O, please do and I’ll add it in.   When I was looking at these photos I got out my Trinny and […]

Real Life Body Shapes – I

. The I shape is characterised by a long lean body, shoulders are similar to hips, though sometimes marginally wider, (but never linebacker). There isn’t a particularly defied waist, many describe themselves as boyish.  Here are 3 examples. How to dress your I shape body: I shape body by imogenl featuring Wet Seal tops If […]

Real Life Body Shapes – V

Thanks everyone for emailing photos – I still need Os (don’t be shy, nobody will know who you are), and more Vs, if you’d like to see a few examples. Here we have one version of a V shape (inverted triangle) body.  You will notice that her shoulders are broader than hips, but there is […]

Real Life Body Shapes – X

. X shapes (hourglass figures) have defined waists, but their shoulders and hips are the same width (unlike the A who has wider hips than shoulders).  There is a longer straighter slope from waist to hips (unlike the high shelf-like curve of the 8 shape). You can see that the X shape has a much […]

Real Life Body Shapes – A

. Thanks for the reponse to my request for body shapes – keep them coming – a few people have commented that they can’t get emails through – not sure why – if the regular email address is not working for you, try my gmail account imogen dot lamport at gmail dot com. I need […]

Real Life Body Shapes – H

. Thanks to everyone who is starting to send me in photos of themselves. On to the next shape – today we have an H (rectangle body shape) (direct from the Netherlands, don’t you love how international blogs are?). What you will notice is that there is not much definition between the shoulders, waist and […]

Real Life Body Shapes – 8

. One of my lovely readers asked me recently what her body shape, she was having trouble figuring it out.  I asked her to send me a photo which she did (in her underwear) and it was very obvious to me that she has an 8 shape body.  In her email she’s talked about hitting […]