Where to End Your Sleeves

Recently I was asked what is the best place to end sleeves. When you think about a sleeve hem, it’s a horizontal line. Here in this short video I talk about where to end sleeves to flatter your figure.

How to Flatter Full Upper Arms

Many women feel that they don’t have arms to rival Michelle Obama, and they make genetically have genes for them to be fuller, or just not have the time to do all the bicep and triceps exercises to get them.  So how do you flatter a fuller upper arm? How to flatter full upper arms by imogenl […]

Why Armholes Matter

  Effect of Armholes by imogenl featuring a grey long sleeve t shirt How the sleeve is cut and fits into a top or jacket can change the way a garment appears on your body.  If you have a deeper, lower cut armhole, this will add some bulk to your chest region, so is great […]

How to Make Your Upper Arms Look Slim

Cybill from Sorting it Out asked how the woman who doesn’t want to show off her upper arms can look stylish and hide this asset. Options are: 3/4 sleeves – they cut off the arms at a slim point and make the whole arm look slimmer. Alternatively, try a slightly shorter sleeve, that still covers […]