Why Having Big Breasts is Not So Fun


Today is the day, all going to plan, I’m having my breast reduction surgery. Many women find it a strange thing to do, and many women pay to have their breasts enlarged. Sure this is a first world problem, but I live in the first world. Since I was a teenager and my breasts rapidly […]

Boobs as Big as Your Head

boobs as big as your head

There’s been a lot going on in my life this past week. Not only have I had the funeral of my wonderful sister-in-law who died recently of Ovarian Cancer (which kills one woman every 10 hours and researchers desperately need more funds, you can donate buy purchasing a dress from Verily using my affiliate links). I […]

How to Wear Chiffon in the Daytime

Chiffon for daytime

Hi Imogen, I would really love you to cover how to wear chiffon as day wear. Being a large busted H shape means that empire line tends to be best on me, but how do I avoid looking like I am wearing evening wear? Most pieces I see for daytime are waisted skirts and blouses […]

What to Wear to the Gym or to Exercise

Choosing Exercise Clothing by imogenl featuring track pants   If you have a tummy wear a column of colour keep your top the same colour as your bottom so that you don’t create a focus on your tummy as the hem of the t-shirt blends with your exercise pant. look for tops with a little […]

How To Layer Tops with a Large Bust

Imogen, I absolutely love your blog and follow it religiously. It’s helped make my shopping quicker and easier. I have cleaned out my closet to match my clothing with more flattering styles, and I have shared it with so many friends. Thank you! My question today is around wearing sweaters. In the States it is […]

Reader Question: How to Wear a Blouse or Shirt with a Large Bust

The other day I received a question about wearing shirts and blouses if you have a large bust (and particularly if you don’t have a defined waist as well).   shirts for large busts by imogenl on Polyvore Fortunately, there are manufacturers of shirts specifically for large busts – these include: Campbell and Kate Pepperberry […]

Formal Wear for the Petite and Busty

evening gowns petite and busty by imogenl featuring red evening gowns Following on from the post on What to Wear when you’re Petite and Busty, here are some ideas on the formal end of the spectrum. From wedding dress to formal occasion styles.  Should you be thinking about a cocktail type dress, just look for […]

What to Wear – Petite and Busty

The other day I received an email pleading with me to help with dressing the petite and busty figure. This body shape can easily look disproportionate and unbalanced as the scale of the bust is large, but the scale of the overall body is small and petite. Petite and Busty by imogenl featuring sheer nylon […]

How to Dress Professionally Petite and Busty

I recently wrote a guest post over on Already Pretty on how to dress if you’re petite and busty but want to look professional. There are lots of tips in the piece if you’re busty and not petite too!  Go check it out now!

We Interrupt this Program for an Important Message about Breasts

My gorgeous friend Kate

I’m spend a lot of time thinking about breasts. Very little of that time is thinking about seeing a flash of royal breast as has been in our news these recent days (all that Duchess Catherine pap shots stuff is of no interest). But I spend time thinking about how to dress mine to look […]