How to Dress Professionally Petite and Busty

I recently wrote a guest post over on Already Pretty on how to dress if you’re petite and busty but want to look professional. There are lots of tips in the piece if you’re busty and not petite too!  Go check it out now!

The Scale of Necklaces Relating To Your Bust Size

Wearing 3 necklaces to create a larger scale, bust minimizing focal poit

What about bead or chain necklaces? Are they a no-no or can a busty gal get away with them too? I like pendants once in awhile but I have a lot of beads, pearls, and chain necklaces that I like to wrap around my neck once or twice. Thanks for the advice! Scale of Necklaces […]

We Interrupt this Program for an Important Message about Breasts

My gorgeous friend Kate

I’m spend a lot of time thinking about breasts. Very little of that time is thinking about seeing a flash of royal breast as has been in our news these recent days (all that Duchess Catherine pap shots stuff is of no interest). But I spend time thinking about how to dress mine to look […]

K is for Knickers

Bra band too loose and riding up the back

Today I’m talking knickers, well, not just knickers, but all foundation garments. Like building a house, if the foundations aren’t solid, the house won’t be stable, your underwear has a huge effect on your overall look and how great you will look.  Let’s start from the top! Bras Studies show that around 70% of women […]

How to Dress When You Have Lost a Breast


Today I want to share with you some guidance I received from Susan, who has lost a breast due to cancer and has shared her tips on how to disguise it (and other scarring which can happen with surgery).  I’ve created some pictures to illustrate her advice. what to wear when you’ve lost a breast […]

Clothing for Busty Women


Hi, Imogen. After reading all the articles on your blog that I possibly can over the last two months, I think I’m an X shape. According to many articles, I look best in A-line skirts. However, the problem that I always have with A-line skirts is what shirt to wear with them. Because I wear […]

B is for Bras


Yes, bras – foundation garments – they are such an important part of looking great. Correctly fitting bras will: Make your waist look smaller and longer Give your breasts a better shape Give your breasts support Make your clothes look better Not be painful – underwires that dig in, straps that fall off your shoulders, […]

Body Image – Breasts

A peek at the top of my breasts

I was just reading an article on Mamamia  by Anna Spargo-Ryan about whether or not having a breast reduction is superficial in the way that having breast enlargement is seen as superficial and it got me thinking about my own breasts and how I feel about them. I’ve got a rather large bust (34G) and am […]

Tops to Flatter a Large Bust

How to flatter a large bust by imogenl featuring a smocked blouse If you have a larger than average bust, you will find that many styles can make your bust more prominent. If you don’t want to draw too much attention to your bust here are some tips to remember. Here are my 5 top […]

Inside Imogen’s Wardrobe – Jeans casual

Imogen, casual in jeans and pink chiffon top

Frequently I’m asked “As an image consultant do you always have to dress up?”. My answer is, “Well I still wear jeans and t-shirts, but they’re good jeans and t-shirts and I tend to accessorize too.” You never know when you leave the house, even if it’s just the supermarket or the school run, if […]