The Scale of Necklaces Relating To Your Bust Size

Wearing 3 necklaces to create a larger scale, bust minimizing focal poit

What about bead or chain necklaces? Are they a no-no or can a busty gal get away with them too? I like pendants once in awhile but I have a lot of beads, pearls, and chain necklaces that I like to wrap around my neck once or twice. Thanks for the advice! Scale of Necklaces […]

Style Begins Inside Out

Renee – the Bra Queen Guest Post by Renee Mayne, Bra Queen There are three reasons why you need to know what’s going on with your bra. It forces you to improve your posture… shoulders back no slouching. It gives you a beautiful shape, lift and the right shape bra for you even makes you […]

Why Armholes Matter

Effect of Armholes by imogenl featuring long sleeve tops How the sleeve is cut and fits into a top or jacket can change the way a garment appears on your body.  If you have a deeper, lower cut armhole, this will add some bulk to your chest region, so is great for women with narrower […]

Weekend Reading: All About Bras

You’ve all read posts where I go on about making sure your foundation garments fit and support right, so this weekend, I’m celebrating breasts in all their glory. A very useful post by K.Line over at Already Pretty all about th elements of bras. From Venusian Glow Can a full busted gal wear a bikini? […]

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bust Look Bigger Without Plastic Surgery

.. There are many tricks you can do to visually increase the size of your bust (I don’t think that exercise we used to do when I was 13 really worked – remember that “I must, I must, I must increase my bust” with corresponding arm waving).  Though maybe it did for me?  How am […]

Creating Focus on Your Assets

Focal points are created by detail on clothing – whether it’s colour, shiny fabrics, pockets, distressing on jeans, ruffles, pattern, belts, beading or jewellery. You can use detail to draw attention to your assets and away from areas you’d rather people didn’t notice. Focus on Your Assets by imogenl featuring Lipsy   You can see […]

How to Flatter Smaller Breasts

Recently, I received this comment: I am Arizona; a person, not a place. has left a new comment on your post “How to Choose Flattering Underwear (Bras and Brief…“: Bras are my nemesis. I seriously have no boobs. At all. Shaped A cups are too big. If I wear an A cup I have to […]

How a Large Necklace Can Make Your Bust Look Smaller

People often comment on my collection of larger scale necklaces and say that they’re ‘my thing’ as I always wear them. But they’ve only become ‘my thing’ since I discovered the power of a large necklace to make my bust look smaller. How does this work? It’s that old optical illusion – which centre circle […]

Body Proportions Explained – Small Bust but long decolletage

One of my lovely readers asked that I post something to help her – she has a small bust but is proportionally long through her decollete and was wondering what she should wear. 1. get the girls up high – a good supportive bra, even if your bust is small, will make your waist look […]

How to Dress the A (Pear) Shaped Body

 Kelly, from I’ll Be Back requested some help working out how to dress her A shaped body, so I’ve put this polyvore together for her, and hppefully it will help some others too. How to Dress the A Shape Body – by imogenl on Kelly works as a Legal Assistant and so wants to […]