P is for Pants

Pants – that’s trousers for you UK folk (not underpants!), are a staple in most wardrobes. They are, the hardest garment for most women to fit. Really, I find that I can spend hours trying to help a client find a pair that fits well. The most common fit issues are around the depth and […]

Fit Issues – Bunching at the Back

One of my readers commented on a post about common issues with fit:I’ve had problems with certain tops bunching in the back, too. What’s up with that? Most bunching comes from your body shape being not related to the shape that the garment was cut for.  Too much fabric in an area that doesn’t have the: […]

Fitting Pants When You Have a Flat Bottom

. .I’ve had a couple of reader requests recently about help for fitting pants over their flat bottoms.  I too have this as an issue, and find that the extra fabric that my butt doesn’t fill out just pools unattractively underneath my bottom. One thing I’ve taken to doing more so that this is not […]

How to Choose Flattering Jeans Pockets

How do you know if your back view is as attractive as your front? It’s much harder to see our back view in the mirror, without a series of mirrors. So when choosing jeans, which are the best pockets for your butt? Size and placement is really important to increase your booty quotient. Pockets need […]

Body Shapes Explained – I shape (boyish)

This is the shape of models, very slim, which many would call boyish. For many, you may wish to add some curve to your body, to make it look more feminine. To do this, think about adding detail where the feminine normally curves – so bust, waist, butt and thighs. Make sure your fabrics aren’t […]

How to Choose Jeans

Here are some tips to help you choose a pair of jeans. These 7 for All Mankind jeans will flatter someone with a boyish shape and make their hips look curiver. They are murder on someone who is already conscious of the size of their hips. The reason is the ‘whiskering’ on the crotch area […]