Where to End Your Tops and Jackets

I’m often asked where to end your tops and jackets.  In this video I give you some pointers to help you find your sweet spot that flatters your figure.

Where Should a Tunic Top Finish?

X shape vs 8 Shape - widest point

Imogen I would like your opinion on the hem length of tunic type tops. I’m a knitting designer and teacher and this topic comes up in my Fit and Flatter classes. I think women slimmest when the hem hits just below the crotch so that the leg length is undetermined by the viewer and therefore […]

How to Choose a Flattering Cardigan

If you’re like me and like to wear a cardi when it’s a little nippy, how to choose one to flatter your figure? Choosing Cardigans by imogenl featuring Rocha.John Rocha Clockwise from top left – the stripy cardigan is great for I shapes, the wide stripes will add curves as will the pocket detail which […]

Bad Design

Is it me or the clothes?  Women, notoriously blame the garment when it doesn’t flatter them or fit them, but in fact, if we look closely at the design of the garment, we will soon realise that it is not us or our body (which is perfect) but a badly designed garment. What do I […]

How to Dress the A (Pear) Shaped Body

 Kelly, from I’ll Be Back requested some help working out how to dress her A shaped body, so I’ve put this polyvore together for her, and hppefully it will help some others too. How to Dress the A Shape Body – by imogenl on Polyvore.com Kelly works as a Legal Assistant and so wants to […]

Patterned Skirt – What Colour Top?

Do you like to wear a patterned skirt but are unsure what colour you should choose for your top? If you are an X, A, 8 or H shape, choose a lighter or brigher colour from the top to draw attention away from the hips/thighs and up to your face. If you’re an H, O, […]

How to Broaden Your Shoulders with a Jacket

If you want to make your hips look smaller, or have sloping shoulders that you’d like to broaden, why not try a jacket like this one from Bloomingdales, which has a wide collar, which helps to balance your body shape. Wearing a patterned jacket like this with a plain neutral bottom is also a great […]

More Denim Matters – Mom Jeans

I’m scared, very very scared, when I see women wearing “mom jeans” down at the supermarket, I’ve always just assumed that they’re old, they’ve been in their closet for years and years, and that the poor old mom just hasn’t had time to go out and treat herself to a nice new pair of flattering […]

How to Make Your Shoulders Look Broader – Which Will Make Your Hips Look Slimmer

If you want to broaden your shoulders to balance your hips, why not look for epaulette detail, such as in this cardigan from Gap. This detail helps to add width and fullness to the shoulders and draws attention up the body and away from the booty. This military inspired cardigan also from Gap will work […]

How to Choose Flattering Swimwear

I was in the shops yesterday and noticed that suddenly racks of swimwear has appeared – so for all of us in the Southern Hemisphere who are heading toward summer or around the equator where it’s always warm, I thought I’d put in some tips on choosing a new swimming costume (or togs as we […]