More Denim Matters – Mom Jeans

I’m scared, very very scared, when I see women wearing “mom jeans” down at the supermarket, I’ve always just assumed that they’re old, they’ve been in their closet for years and years, and that the poor old mom just hasn’t had time to go out and treat herself to a nice new pair of flattering […]

How to Make Your Shoulders Look Broader – Which Will Make Your Hips Look Slimmer

If you want to broaden your shoulders to balance your hips, why not look for epaulette detail, such as in this cardigan from Gap. This detail helps to add width and fullness to the shoulders and draws attention up the body and away from the booty. This military inspired cardigan also from Gap will work […]

How to Choose Flattering Swimwear

I was in the shops yesterday and noticed that suddenly racks of swimwear has appeared – so for all of us in the Southern Hemisphere who are heading toward summer or around the equator where it’s always warm, I thought I’d put in some tips on choosing a new swimming costume (or togs as we […]

10 Tips for the Voluptuous Petite Woman

I’ve been asked by workthatwardrobe to give the busty, voluptuous petite woman some tips on what to wear, so here are a few that I hope help. All outfits from Nordstrom. Keep it simple, the shorter you are the more simple your clothes need to be, avoid lots of frills and flounces, details and pockets, […]

Choosing Skirts – The Straight Skirt

If you like the look of a straight or pencil skirt, which shape should you choose for your body? This Premise skirt from Nordstrom with pleat details at the waistband is only suitable for women who are and I shape, straight up and down and very slim, with no hips as it will give you […]

The Art of Ombre

Ombre (or shaded dyeing) is a big trend in current fashions, but how to wear it so it’s flattering? If you want to slim your hips, be careful where the lighter and darker shades lie. In this skirt from Nordstrom, the light colour is at the hips and it becomes darker toward the hem, this […]

Eyes Up, Eyes Down

Have you ever thought about where a garment is making you look? Design details can draw attention to different parts of your body, the best garments draw the eyes up to the face and away from body parts we may not wish to draw attention to. For example in this top from Nordstrom, which has […]

How to Balance Your Body – Pears

If you’re an A (otherwise known as pear, spoon, cello, vase) or 8 shape with smaller breasts, these are some options for tops to help balance your bottom and create a more pleasing appearance. This top from Banana Repulic would be great for a woman with narrow or sloping shoulders, smaller bust, and larger bottom […]

To Belt or Not To Belt?

Just perusing some shopping websites and looking at the new fashions coming in, and I’ve noticed lots and lots of waist belting – the question is should you follow this trend or ignore it completely? For example in this outfit from Spiegel – the belt is at the waist. It’s only a good option if […]

How to Choose Jeans

Here are some tips to help you choose a pair of jeans. These 7 for All Mankind jeans will flatter someone with a boyish shape and make their hips look curiver. They are murder on someone who is already conscious of the size of their hips. The reason is the ‘whiskering’ on the crotch area […]