Where to End Your Tops and Jackets

I’m often asked where to end your tops and jackets.  In this video I give you some pointers to help you find your sweet spot that flatters your figure.

Can a Petite Woman Wear Pinstripes?

Hi I have recently discovered your website and finally subscribed to the email. I wonder if you can help with a stripes related question please? I read conflicting information about petites and stripes. I haven’t found an answer on your website but if I have missed it please point me in the right direction. I […]

How to Choose the Correct Sleeve Length

Are there any rules for the right sleeve length?   Finding the right sleeve length by imogenl featuring a faux-leather jacket Jacket and long sleeves should usually end just below the wrist bone for most women.  A too short sleeve makes your arms look longer and that you’ve outgrown the garment.  A too long sleeve […]

How to Dress When You Have Lost a Breast


Today I want to share with you some guidance I received from Susan, who has lost a breast due to cancer and has shared her tips on how to disguise it (and other scarring which can happen with surgery).  I’ve created some pictures to illustrate her advice. what to wear when you’ve lost a breast […]

How to Look Taller – Sleeves

Push up your sleeves

The fastest, easiest way to make yourself look taller and legs longer is to push up your sleeves. Yes, it’s a very simple trick. If you’re wearing a jacket and like to do this for more casual occasions, but find they keep sliding down, then pop a rubber band (not too tight) around the sleeve […]

How to Flatter a Protruding Stomach

Hi. Imogen. We visited your talk recently and enjoyed it immensely. Have downloaded your ebooks and getting lots of helpful hints. On your blog I have just read the article about why dislike your stomach? and want to comment – I am an older woman whose anterior abdominal wall muscles have collapsed making my stomach […]

How to Wear Horizontal Stripes Without Looking Wide

Should you wear horizontal stripes?

  Many people talk about horizontal stripes as the work of the devil.  It’s true they can be widening, but some can also be lengthening.  It’s all in the detail, the scale and your shape and scale and how you wear them.   horizontal stripes by imogenl featuring striped tops The wider the horizontal, the […]

Which are More Slimming, Horizontal or Vertical Lines?

..I was alerted to this study done at the University of York by one of my lovely blog readers.  Apparently some scientists have found that horizontal stripes are slimming and verticals are fattening.  This is true, but horizontal stripes can also be fattening and verticals slimming, the study is flawed. The participants were asked to look at […]

Finding the Right Shapewear for You

I was asked to help find shapewear for one of my lovely readers. She has problems as she’s a 38DDD (or a 38E in some places), finds that many garments roll down and create unsightly bulges, and also that her breasts sometimes escape underneath the underwire of her bra. 1. If your breasts come out […]

Proportions – the Golden Mean or Fibonacci Number

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions. Coco Chanel I love this quote – and yesterday I heard someone on the radio say Architecture is a living being – it reflects the culture and mood of the times. We are not static beings and so our buildings are renovated and change over time. […]