L is for Legs


Legs One of the great body parts – they move us around and we should appreciate them.  Where to end skirt and dress hems  How to wear wide leg trousers How to look taller and make your legs look longer  How to Wear Leggings Leggings are best worn either as a hosiery substitute or with […]

Where to End Your Skirts

  I was wondering if you might address correct hem lengths in one of your future blogs.  I am on the short side (5′ 4″) so almost all of my clothing needs to be shorted but I am never quite sure what the correct length is.  For example, are pencil skirts and dresses hemmed at […]

How to Enhance Your Calves

If you have a great set of pins and gorgeous calves, you can wear patterned tights like these, but if they’re on the more curvaceous side, avoid these kinds of tights as they’ll bulk up your calves and draw unnecessary attention. (Outfit from http://www.anntaylor.com/) Alternatively, if you’d like to create the appearance of a slimmer, […]