V is for V Neck

There is not just one kind of V neck.  There are narrow ones and wide ones, deep ones and shallow ones.  Saying “wear a V neck” doesn’t really tell you that much about how flattering the V neck will be on you. Here is my quick guide to choosing the most flattering V neckline for […]

Layering Tops – The All Important Neckline

I wondered if you could expand on layering tops and what works together. I’m thinking of what goes over scoop necks,v necks, and square neck tops or Tshirts. Thanks   Layering Tops with Cardigans by imogenl featuring summer tops Whether it’s a jacket or a cardigan that goes over your top or t-shirt you want […]

How to Flatter a Short or Wide Neck

how to flatter a short or wide neck by imogenl featuring slim fit shirts   If your neck is a little shorter than average (less than a hand’s width) or wider than you’d like, you may feel that you look a little squat. So here are a few tips to flatter. 1. Find your balance […]

What Jewellery to Choose When You Have a Short or Wide Neck

Many people feel that if their neck is short or thick (or both) that it excludes them from wearing jewellery near their face, but this is not so. Jewellery for a Short or Thick Neck by imogenl featuring an enamel brooch Look for necklaces that are to your first balance point or longer (double that […]

How to Find Your Balance Points – For Necklines and Jewellery

Often, when I’m with a client, they’ll tell me that they have some necklaces that they like, but never wear. When they bring them out to show me, we discover that they’re just not hanging in the right spot for them – and as soon as we put them on one of their ‘balance points […]