Evening Shoes for Short Legs

I’m 5 ft 2 inches a petite athletic frame and weigh 118 lbs  I have short legs and muscular thighs and calves. What dress shoes / evening style do it west to give my legs a longer slimming look. Also heel and strapping styles Thank you so much.   evening shoes for petites with curvy […]

How to Wear Ankle Boots When You’re Short

I’m hoping you can help me… How do I wear nude ankle boots in a casual situation when I’m short? Suggestions would be welcomed! Warm regards Nat how to wear ankle boots when you’re petite by imogenl featuring suede boots Ankle boots are ideally for full length pants. Particularly if you’re sort, they cut you […]

Can a Petite Woman Wear Pinstripes?

Hi I have recently discovered your website and finally subscribed to the email. I wonder if you can help with a stripes related question please? I read conflicting information about petites and stripes. I haven’t found an answer on your website but if I have missed it please point me in the right direction. I […]

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe to Look Taller

Hi Imogen, I´m a big fan of your blog, and I´ve read all of your books I hope it´s alright if I ask you some style advice I´m a petite (5´2´´) figure of 8 with a balanced, short mid body. I have slightly warm coloring, dark blond hair and blue green eyes, and I´m a […]

Top 7 Tips to Looking More Mature Particularly When You’re Petite

Imogen, what do you suggest for petite and skinny girls. As you may have guessed, I’m really tiny, and am tired of people thinking that I am still in college, while I have been working for over 6 years. Any advice on how to look more professional and less small would be great. Thanks a […]

Formal Wear for the Petite and Busty

evening gowns petite and busty by imogenl featuring red evening gowns Following on from the post on What to Wear when you’re Petite and Busty, here are some ideas on the formal end of the spectrum. From wedding dress to formal occasion styles.  Should you be thinking about a cocktail type dress, just look for […]

What to Wear – Petite and Busty

The other day I received an email pleading with me to help with dressing the petite and busty figure. This body shape can easily look disproportionate and unbalanced as the scale of the bust is large, but the scale of the overall body is small and petite. Petite and Busty by imogenl featuring sheer nylon […]

How to Dress Professionally Petite and Busty

I recently wrote a guest post over on Already Pretty on how to dress if you’re petite and busty but want to look professional. There are lots of tips in the piece if you’re busty and not petite too!  Go check it out now!

Top 5 Tips for Petite Dressing

  Petite tips by imogenl featuring ankle pants The more I’ve worked with petite women (under 5’4″ tall) I’ve found that there are some elements that make a huge difference to how they appear. 1. Keep garments simple and uncluttered and small to medium in scale.  Large patterns will swamp your frame, big collars will […]

Gok Wan’s Style Advice

Gok Wan and Imogen Lamport

Sponsored by Nuffnang On Saturday I went to watch Gok Wan on his tour for Westfield to show us the latest trends and how they can suit our bodies’. There were crowds of people, some men, mostly women all waiting eagerly to see Aunty Gok weave some magic. During his very entertaining show he shared […]