Tips for the Plus Size

I would be really happy if you could do a post with tips for XXL women. – Lee Nobody will deny that it’s way harder to find flattering clothes when you’re plus size. There are many reasons  and assumptions made by fashion manufacturers: Body shapes vary, but manufacturers assume that your body shape is the […]

Svelte in Style – Coming Soon!

Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and my new book Svelte in Style, how to look and feel great while losing weight is coming in less than a week! Watch this short video for some more information about it, or you can also check out our website to find out more. I will be offering […]

Looking Great While Losing Weight

Svelte in Style: how to look and feel great while losing weight

I’m really excited that I’ve just finished working on a new book that I’ve co-written with Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe called Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight. Our publication date for this ebook is 24 July, but you can find out more about it now!  We will […]

Top Tips for Putting Together a Wardrobe as You’re Losing Weight


When you’re in the process of losing weight, you don’t want to be spending lots of money on clothes that you won’t have for long as you pass through that weight, but you will need clothes to wear, preferably ones that you feel are flattering as you reach your new healthier weight. losing weight wardrobe […]

Plus Size Fashion

Teer Wayde Last week I went to the Nuffnang Christmas party and I met a group of great Melbourne bloggers.  One of them who I want to introduce you to is Teer of Curves to Kill.  Teer writes about plus size fashion and has lots of tips on where to buy great plus size fashions […]

Real Life Body Shapes – O

. So finally to our Real Life O body shape. I’ve only had a couple of photos sent in, but if you’d like to send me yours if you think you are an O, please do and I’ll add it in.   When I was looking at these photos I got out my Trinny and […]

Plus Size Women’s Style Tips – Life Tips

..A couple of days back I was named the new Plus Size Women’s Style Life Tips Guru!  So because I don’t have enough on my plate, I thought I’d add this one more writing assignment into my life.  I’m starting to think I should have taken the journalism course when I was at university rather […]

Tips to Dress a Plus Size X

..Reader Kanerou asks: Do you have any plans to do an entry on dressing for plus-sized Xs? I have a couple pairs of black cargo pants which I dearly like, but I’m not sure how to dress up top, now that my waist isn’t so slim and my bust is even more of a bother […]

Staying Cool and Modest in Summer

The lovely NotSupermum (who I’m sure is a Supermum) asked this question: I’m really struggling at the moment to find spring/summer clothes that don’t look too young for me. I don’t know why but a lot of stuff looks too fancy or ruffled, and that’s just not me I always end up feeling too warm […]

Do You Prefer Fashion or Style?

I found this post over at The Blue Kimono – and love it so much I’m republishing it (I hope you dont mind Sallymandy! Fashion is in the clothes. Style is in the wearer.Fashion stuns. Style delights.Fashion costs. Style is priceless.Fashion is mindless. Style is intelligent.Fashion is fascistic. Style is individualistic.Fashion changes. Style evolves.Fashion is […]