How to Broaden Your Shoulders

If you’re an A shape with narrow shoulders or even an 8 shape or X shape or just have more sloping shoulders rather than square shoulders, how can you make them appear broader to create more balance? How to broaden shoulders by imogenl featuring long sleeve knit tops Necklines – horizontal necklines like boat necks, […]

How to Minimize Wide or Square Shoulders

. . I was recently asked by a reader how to minimize her broad square shoulders.  Now this is a problem I’d love to have, but this is not about me.  This post is for the women who feel their shoulders are too broad and make them feel masculine. Wide or Square Shoulders by imogenl […]

Body Shapes Explained – V shape (Inverted Triangle)

To be a V shape, your shoulders need to be wider than your hips, by a good couple of inches. You may or may not have a waist, many V shapes have a shorter waist, if so, then use the tips from the H shape through your waist area – that is – no tucking, […]

How to Broaden Your Shoulders with a Jacket

If you want to make your hips look smaller, or have sloping shoulders that you’d like to broaden, why not try a jacket like this one from Bloomingdales, which has a wide collar, which helps to balance your body shape. Wearing a patterned jacket like this with a plain neutral bottom is also a great […]