Where to End Your Tops and Jackets

I’m often asked where to end your tops and jackets.  In this video I give you some pointers to help you find your sweet spot that flatters your figure.

Layering Tops – The All Important Neckline

I wondered if you could expand on layering tops and what works together. I’m thinking of what goes over scoop necks,v necks, and square neck tops or Tshirts. Thanks   Layering Tops with Cardigans by imogenl featuring summer tops Whether it’s a jacket or a cardigan that goes over your top or t-shirt you want […]

How to Layer Your Clothes

One of the issues many women have is knowing how to layer tops and other garments. Here in this short video Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss some simple tips to making layering and easy and attractive option.

How to Wear a Sheer Blouse

Wearing a black cami under a sheer blouse

I love sheer/see-through blouses/shirts, as they are very elegant, but what should I wear underneath to not lose from that elegance (and colour) but to tone down the sexiness/edginess of the outfit? Susie Sheer or see-through blouses are gorgeous, but to avoid looking too sexy, particularly in the workplace, it’s advisable to wear the right […]

Third Piece – Waistcoat


Many people in warmer climates would like to add a 3rd piece(that extra garment that adds some extra interest) but find it’s too hot for a jacket, so why not try a waistcoat. 5 ways to wear a waistcoat by imogenl featuring vintage vests Waistcoats are not always the traditional suit fabric, they come in […]

In Imogen’s Wardrobe – Trans Seasonal Dressing

How to layer

Melbourne, where I live, is considered to be a temperate climate, though all I think that means is, we are not tropical, but we get some pretty hot weather in summer, but never get snow in winter, but it does get cold (though I’m sure you Northern Hemisphere snow dwellers would disagree!). We don’t need […]

How to Figure Out Where to End Your Tops and Jackets

Hip explanation

High Hip – is where the top of the pelvis is – you have a hip bone that juts out at this point.  It’s often a really good place to end tops, unlesss you are an 8 shape. Hip Break – is where the leg bends – often lots of creases on your trousers will […]

How to Create Waist Definition without a Belt

It attracted my attention that you mention that you wear skirts/dresses or jeans most of the time. I do the same thing, and it has been working great for the most part, thanks to your blog. The main thing that I learned is that I am X-shape and I should belt over skirts/dresses, I enjoy […]

Where to End Your Tops

People always ask me where the best point is to end their tops and jackets.  As the hem of a top creates a horizontal line, the best place is on a narrow point, rather than a wide point. Where to end tops by imogenl featuring a smocked tunic If you are a body shape that […]

How to Stay Warm in Winter without the Bulk

..Hi Imogen! First, just let just say that I’m so thrilled to have discovered your fantastic blog! I have a very small natural waist, a feature that I of course would like to highlight. However, I’m always cold at work, and by the time I pile on all the layers I begin to look like […]