How to Choose Makeup and Fabrics Based on Skin Sheen

how to choose makeup sheen for your skin

Often there is a ‘rule’ that when you are more mature then you should steer away from any sort of makeup with sheen or shine (pearlesence) in it.  This rule will work, if you have matte skin, but even if you are more mature, you may still have a skin that reflects more light and […]

Working with Your Existing Wardrobe: The Black Dilemma

Do you have any blog posts on how to wear the black items in your wardrobe when your value contrast is low or medium and you don’t want to wear all neutrals/all black? I don’t want to part with all of those clothes as I still like them. I found a few posts about wearing […]

How to Work with Your Contrast -High Contrast

High contrast is the easiest of the contrasts to master as it’s the most obvious.  You can find out how to discover your contrast here.  Working with low contrast here and medium contrast here.   high contrast by imogenl featuring skinny jeans Here we have an achromatic (black and white) high value contrast. A monochromatic […]

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Pantone Colour Forecast 2015


The Pantone colour forecast for Spring 2015 (first half of 2015) is a muted palette in general.  It’s good as in general, there are more people who need more subtlety to the colours that suit, than those who are after the brights.    We’ve just had a couple of years where there have been way […]

How to Work with Your Contrast – Medium Contrast

Following on from my post on working with your low contrast colours.  Here are some examples of Medium Value Contrast outfits to get you inspired! Medium Value Contrast     Medium value contrast by imogenl featuring ESCADA Now let’s look at patterns

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How to Work With Your Contrast – Low Contrast

Following on from my post on how to find your ultimate contrast levels, here are some examples of putting together outfits and choosing patterns for a lower contrast.   working with low contrast by imogenl featuring thick-heel pumps Whether analogous, or neutral plus a colour, you can create a low value contrast with light, medium or […]

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What is a Neutral?

what is a neutral

I’m frequently asked the question “what is a neutral”, so I made this short video to explain. If you’re interested in figuring out the best neutrals for you, check out these posts. Best neutrals red hair Best neutrals grey hair Best neutrals brunette hair Best neutrals blonde hair    

How to Find Your Ultimate Contrast – Your Three Step Process

contrast, value contrast, colour contrast, personal colour analysis

Following on from my post on colour and value contrast here is  my simple guide to finding your ideal contrast levels.  For each step write down  the option that suits you for both colour and value. 1. What is your hair colour Colour Contrast Colour –   strawberry blonde, golden blonde, copper, red, violet, blue […]

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9 Real Life Examples of Dressing to Your Contrast


Following on from my post on the 7 Elements of Contrast you need to know plus how to figure out your contrast levels, I’m going to show you some examples so you can see it in action.  It’s one of the problems with many people who get a personal colour analysis, they are never taught how […]

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7 Important Factors for Working with Contrast

I’ve been asked to show you some examples of using contrast – what is high medium and low contrast, so here are examples and the 7 essential elements you need to know about using contrast.  You need to understand your personal contrast levels to then choose the clothing/garments and create outfits using a similar contrast […]

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