Value Contrast and Your Value

value contrast, personal colouring

One of the things I’ve discovered tends to confuse people is that they think that they can only wear colours that are the same value as them, so if they are overall lighter in value they can only wear light colours, and if they are deep/dark, they have to wear dark colours only.  Ideally we […]

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Pantone 2015 Reflecting Pond – What to Wear With It

pantone fall colour mixing guide

Pantone Reflecting Pond is one of my favourite colours of 2015 as it’s just so versatile.  It’s a warm deep navy so can be worn by everyone as it’s a truly universal colour.  Reflecting Pond is a brilliant neutral that should replace black in so many wardrobes as it will flatter your skin and can […]

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Creating a Summer Capsule Wardrobe Using a Column of Colour

summer wardrobe capsules, column of colour

Hi Imogen, Your northern hemisphere fans need your help. Spring, summer is on it’s way, I’ve searched your incredible archives to find a summer wardrobe capsule featuring your ” column of color” for petites, but alas, I can only find fabulous fall and winter. Please help! It’s getting warm in Southern California. A faithful fan, […]

Pantone Marsala – How to Mix it with Other Colours

pantone fall colour mixing guide

As promised, here are some colour pairing examples with the new Pantone colours of Fall 2015. First up for this series is Marsala – the colour of 2015 mixed with a few of the other Fall 2015 colour predictions. If you’re warm try Marsala and Cadmium Orange (which is a more gentle slightly pink based […]

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Oscars Frocks – Choosing the Right Colour

what would you wear on the red carpet

OK, so I’m unlikely to ever be asked to the Oscars, or any such award ceremonies, but when I’m choosing a client’s signature colours, one of the criteria I may run past the colour is “would I dress this person head to toe in this colour and it would look truly WOW” as in, if […]

Pantone Colour Forecast for Autumn/Winter 2015

pantone colour forecast fall 2015, pantone autumn 2015

Pantone have just released their Autumn/Winter 2015 colour forecast so I wanted to share it with you. What’s interesting is that we’re moving away from the brighter colours of the past few years, the bright orange, emerald and cobalt and towards a more muted palette which is great for many people who find the bright […]

50 Shades of Grey (and how to wear them)

colour schemes for grey

There are well over 50 shades of grey, probably thousands of them which is why grey can be one of the hardest colours to match as there are so many versions of it. There are two ways of making grey – by combining black and white (this is the easy way, and it’s easy to […]

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What to Wear on a Date

So what do you wear on a date? It can be a particularly vexing question for many women, particularly if it’s with someone new or newish. We don’t want to get it wrong – either seem too forward or too uninterested. Given that it’s Valentines day in a few days, I thought I’d give you […]

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3 Ways to Incorporate Black Garments When It’s Not Your Best Colour

So you’ve got a bunch of black items in your wardrobe that you can’t afford to get rid of (or just don’t want to), but you know that black isn’t the most flattering colour on you. How do you get your wear out of them and make them work? Here are my top 3 tips.   […]

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How to Choose Colours in Summer When You Have Deep Colouring

Have you written an article yet on colour coordinating for us deep dominant folk especially for summer style? So you have naturally deeper/darker colouring, but in summer you don’t want to be wearing all those dark winter colours, so how do you choose the lighter colours that will work best for you? Firstly consider your […]