Not Going Grey Gracefully – Part 3

new hair

Since I’ve been blonde now for all of the better part of 3 weeks. Here are a few of the things I’ve noticed about how my new hair colour is changing the way I dress. My Makeup My lipstick is getting lighter.  I’ve found when I put on my darker lip or really bright lip […]

Understanding Undertone and Ageing – Warm to Cool

warm to cool

Yesterday I wrote about how fast your colouring changes as you age. In the the question, I was also asked if you can have a neutral undertone – one that is neither warm nor cool. In my decade of doing image consulting and having draped countless people, I’ve never seen someone who is purely neutral. […]

How Your Colouring Changes as You Age

Imogen, can you please do a post on this, how one’s colouring might change as we age? It doesn’t happen overnight, does it, so how quickly does it happen? I’d also be interested in whether there is a neutral, ie neither warm, neither cool colouring? And whether some people are only a little warm (what […]

7 Easy Ways to Use Visual Grouping to Coordinate Colours

I do have another question. The first time I ever saw your blog was in a post about visually framing your outfits–matching your shoes to your hair.  This was another epiphany! I am a very visual person, and this makes so much sense to me. I have blond hair. Does this mean I should never […]

Pantone Colours 2014 – Focus on Dazzling Blue

Dazzling blue by imogenl featuring spring home decor   Dazzling Blue is a cobalt blue and cool in its undertone. If you’ve been enjoying emerald in the past year, you’ll find that adding in some Dazzling Blue garments you can mix them easily with your emerald. It will also look fabulous with the Turquoise garments […]

Pantone Colour Forecast Spring and Summer 2014 – Focus on Radiant Orchid

Panton colours spring summer 2014

  The forecast is out – and it’s going to be a sky of dazzling blue, and a sea of fressia, violet tulip and radiant orchid, with celosia orange interspersed.   Well that’s the colour forecast for Spring 2014 anyway! So how do you incorporate these colours into your wardrobe? If you’re cool – the […]

Understanding Colour Properties

Colour Properties by imogenl featuring short dresses   Every colour has 3 unique properties.  When you are finding colours that suit you, you are looking for those colours that replicate your natural colour properties. Value The lightness to darkness of the colour.  You can change a colour from it’s natural pure (rainbow) hue by:’ Tint […]

A Guide to Visual Grouping

Visual Grouping

Here is how I came to think about it : being a dark-haired, cool person, I decided to “break my style rules” and bought a leopard faux-fur coat – I love it on your lovely colleague Jill Chivers -. I chose a not too warm background (sand). The spots are dark brown and I would […]

Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen

Blue and Green

Unless there is a colour in between This is a saying my mother would repeat to me as a child. Fortunately I realise that this is a rule that is made to be broken.   Blue and green together are one of my favourite colour combinations.  It’s so restful and reminds me of a blue […]

Psychology of Colour – White

Psychology of White

White is ethereal, it’s the colour of clouds, snow and seafoam. It says: clean and hygenic, fresh and new.  It’s often associated with winter in cooler climates, because of the snow. A fresh new piece of paper – a blank page, ready to be written on. In the Western world it’s the colour of the […]