Choosing Prints to Disguise Your Tummy

Hi Imogen, Here’s my question: I’m an H shape but with a bit of a postpartum tummy (also short waisted with short mid-body). I’ve been thinking about purchasing some gingham/plaid tops but am wondering what elements I should be looking for or avoiding. What pattern size/density of check should I look for? (small/large/uniform shape/irregular?) Should […]

The Quick and Easy Way to Keep Your Dark Denim Dark

How to Keep Your Denim from Fading

If you want to stop your dark denim from fading.  Set the colour in your dark denim jeans before you wear them. Set the colour by handwashing them in a bucket of cold salty water (use 1 cup of table salt) before you machine wash them. Then they will stay looking fresh and new for […]

3 Essential Elements to Choosing Flattering Prints and Patterns

contrast in prints and pattern by imogenl featuring a bright tank   Yesterday I was out shopping with one of my lovely clients. She wanted some blouses and dresses that were more ‘fun’ than her current range of tops in solid colours. Knowing her colour palette meant picking up all the options in the store […]

What to Wear After You’ve Had a Baby – 7 Easy Style Tips for New Mums

The obsession with Kate Middleton post birth of Prince George abounds on each media outlet. I admire her for appearing in her first public outing with the new prince not strapped up in shapewear to give us the impression that just hours after the birth she’s snapped back to her pre-pregnancy flat stomached ways. For […]

How to Pick Prints – Curved or Angular

Hi Imogen, I love your blog! I am wondering if the type of prints (i.e. angular/curved prints) have anything to do with body shape. I saw two ladies who coincidentally were dressed in black and white printed dresses. One has an I-shaped girl and the prints on her dress were bold and angular. If she […]

How to Pick a Slimming Print

Many people are a bit scared of prints, as they’ve been told that prints will make them look larger. This is not always the case, it really depends on the type of print. There are two main types of prints, sparse and dense.   Density of Prints by imogenl featuring a print bodycon dress Sparse […]

Principle of Volume

One of the simplest, but most often forgotten rules, is that of the principles of volume.  Too much volume at one time will make you look larger than you are.   Too skin tight can look a little tarty.   principles of volume by imogenl featuring reiss Pretty simple isn’t it? But quite often if […]

How to Wear a Fur Vest

Hard to believe it's winter here with the sun streaming in the window, but it is cold!

It’s winter here in Australia and there are lots of faux fur vests around. They can be a tricky trend to wear as they add some bulk to your frame due to their highly textured nature. But if you feel the cold like me, they really do keep you warm and toasty. How to Wear […]

Reader Question: What to Wear with Plaid

I have a red plaid blazer that I adore but I am getting really bored with what I wear underneath it since I read the only appropriate items are neutrals or colors in the plaid. I’ve worn leopard print shoes with it and loved the look. Leopard print top underneath.. .not so much which I […]

How to Break The Style Rules – with Emerson Big W

bold with bold

Sponsored by Nuffnang I remember when growing up learning about a whole load of rules, such as “blue and green should never be seen” and “don’t mix prints”, but I have found during my time as an image consultant and stylist that these rules are made to be broken. Many of my clients are scared […]