T is for Texture


Texture is one of the pieces of the Style Puzzle (body shape is one piece too, yet so much is written about body shape, people think it’s the whole puzzle, instead of just being a small element of the whole). Fabrics have different textures.  There are many sorts of textures: Smooth (no texture) silk, cotton/elastane Chunky […]

The Yin and Yang of Clothing

Have you ever considered Yin and Yang (or Receding and Advancing) in relation to your clothes?  I first read about this concept in Judith Rasband’s Wardrobe Strategies for Women, and realised that it relates to all personality style and why each style communicates in the way it does. It’s a powerful tool to help you […]

How to Wear Animal Print

Animal Print

Do you love animal print (like my lovely friend Jill of Shop Your Wardrobe does)? Is it a staple in your wardrobe?  As Jill has mentioned, leopard print, in particular, works with her naturally patterned skin and makes her look less freckly. I was not a fan of animal prints for a long time, but […]

How Formal is That Print or Fabric?

I’ve been Googled about this for a long time but never got any answers. This is a thing that is always misleading when it come to formality. I understand the concept of fabrics and that some prints/colors are less formal/professional than others, but the trickiest part is when it comes to garments that has more […]

How to Wear a Fur Vest

Hard to believe it's winter here with the sun streaming in the window, but it is cold!

It’s winter here in Australia and there are lots of faux fur vests around. They can be a tricky trend to wear as they add some bulk to your frame due to their highly textured nature. But if you feel the cold like me, they really do keep you warm and toasty. How to Wear […]

3 Easy Rules on How to Mix Animal Prints and Floral Patterns

Mixing Animal Prints and a Floral Texture

Today I decided to mix zebra with leopard and then throw in a floral ribbon lace textured garment. One of the most important keys to mixing prints is to mix those in the same colour family. If you want to try this trend in a safe way: do it in black and white one print […]

How to Wear a Chunky Knit Sweater – Tricky Trends

  how to wear chunky knits by imogenl featuring dorothy perkins Perusing the latest Lucky Magazine to see the Northern Hemisphere Autumn/Winter 2012 trends I noticed that there is a lot of chunk. Not only chunky but also pretty boxy too. The reality with any texture, if you’d describe it as chunky, it will make […]

How to Flatter Patterned Skin


If you have freckling that you don’t love, or age spots and want to make them look less obvious, when you’re looking solid colour garments, look for fabrics that have an inbuilt pattern like marle, or those with a fine to medium texture. patterned skin by imogenl featuring crop tops

Does the Devil Wear Prada?

Does the devil wear chunky knits?  Prada is showing lots of them in their Autumn/Winter 2010 show, and where Prada goes, many are sure to follow, but should you go there? Whenever I hear the word chunky knits, I think ‘and it’ll make me look chunky too’.  As you can see, even this whippet thin […]

Fabric – Should I choose Matte, Sheen or Shine?

Along with texture and drape, another element of fabric is the SHEEN. Some fabrics are matte – they don’t reflect light and appear to absorb light – these fabrics are the most SLIMMING fabrics as they don’t draw attention to your body. Put matte fabrics where you don’t want people to look. Here is an […]