Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape – Diamond

Diamond Face Hairstyles of Selma Blair

Diamond face shapes have a narrower more pointed chin, and hairline. Hairstyles that Work for a Diamond Face Shape A fringe/bangs really work well with this face shape. ¬†It can either be blunt cut, or more wispy or side swept. Layers around the chin also work well to soften your jawline and if your chin […]

What are Your Defining Facial Features?

What are your defining facial features that when replicated create the harmony that makes you look fabulous? Watch this short video on how to find your defining facial features and then you will be able to choose the most flattering necklines and know which toe shape on shoes really work for you.  

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

People always ask me what their face shape is. Why would you want to know your face shape? Well it helps to find you the most flattering hairstyle and also affects the styles of earrings that suit you. I’ve made this short video to show you how to figure our your face shape.   Once […]

Co-ordinating Jewellery to Necklines

If the face is the ‘communication centre’ it’s really important to think about how to draw attention there.  Finishing off getting dressed so that you look ‘put together’ and stylish is helped immensely by what happens above the bust as it is close to the face.   Using a piece of jewellery in this area or […]

How to Choose a Necklace to Work with a Pattern or Print

..One of the other elements of choosing a necklace, along with the neckline, is creating harmony with the print or pattern or other design features of the garment it’s sitting next to. Pattern and Necklaces by imogenl featuring Forever21 From left to right, top to bottom: Snakeskin cardigan with muliple piece coral necklace – two […]

How to Choose a Necklace to Work with Your Neckline

..I was asked by a reader how to choose match necklaces with clothing, so to start, here is a quick guide on how to match necklines and necklaces. Necklines and Necklaces by imogenl featuring Splendid Items in this set: Cowl neck top, 240 GBPSplendid Pintuck Square Neck Top – Navy, $63Button Down Collared Shirt, $20Poitelle […]

Importance of Placement of Facial Features For Determining Face Shape

.. .Sal from Already Pretty said in her comment on the post on Finding Your Face Shape that she still has problems figuring out what her face shape is. There is one more point about your face that you need to consider – the placement of your features within your face.  I’ve done up some […]

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

So many people want to know what their face shape is. ¬†Unfortunately, face shapes are not easy to define as most people’s faces don’t fit exactly into any specific shape. The easiest way of figuring out your face shape is to pull all your hair off your face, and sitting in front of a mirror, […]

How to Flatter a Pointed Chin

After my post on flattering a soft chin, I had repeated requests for a post on flattering a pointed chin.  Here are a few quick tips.   How to flatter a pointed chin by imogenl featuring Rick Owens Lilies jackets   Shorter hairs styles need some hair at the nape of the neck, this will balance your […]

How to Flatter a Softer Chin

The chin is important in choosing flattering necklines, the shape of the chin is best supported by a neckline that relates and harmonises with it. If you have a softer chin, or a less defined chin the necklines that will work best on you include: Cowl necklines – which are soft. Scoop necklines  – which […]