How to Choose the Perfect Shape Neckline

How to Choose Necklines

I think about relationship between body shape and neckline shape (oval and round versus straight and sharp). Is there any dependence between this two factors? I think, that rounded somatypes need more rounded necklines and straight body shapes need more sharp or straight necklines. But what about body shape with both sharp and curved linen (e.g. […]

Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape – Pear/Triangle/Teardrop

Triangle shape face (500x305)

A Pear/Triangle/Teardrop face shape has a broader jaw than forehead.  So your aim is to soften your jaw, make it appear a little narrower, whilst balancing your jaw to forehead.   It’s a bit like a heart shape face flipped upside down. Hairstyles that Flatter a Pear/Triangle/Teardrop Shaped Face Layers around your face work really […]

V is for V Neck

There is not just one kind of V neck.  There are narrow ones and wide ones, deep ones and shallow ones.  Saying “wear a V neck” doesn’t really tell you that much about how flattering the V neck will be on you. Here is my quick guide to choosing the most flattering V neckline for […]

Best Hairstyles for your Face Shape – Round

Round face hairstyles (500x333)

The round face has a width that is almost as wide as the face is long (a face is generally a little longer) but it’s length is well less than 1.5 times the width. Hairstyles that Work for a Round Face Long hair – it visually minimises the width of your face and elongates it, any […]

Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape – Square

best hairstyles for a square face shape

Square faces have an square hairline and an angled shortish jaw.  Because their face is overall shorter (closer to their width being similar to their length), they will want to elongate their face with their hairstyles. Hairstyles that work for a square face Add either height or length, but not width. Side swept fringe (bangs) […]

How to Flatter a Softer Chin

The chin is important in choosing flattering necklines, the shape of the chin is best supported by a neckline that relates and harmonises with it. If you have a softer chin, or a less defined chin the necklines that will work best on you include: Cowl necklines – which are soft. Scoop necklines  – which […]