Turning a Tunic Top into a Skirt

Turning Top to a Skirt

A while back I bought a tunic top from Target. I fell in love with the fabric, and overlooked that the shape didn’t do anything much for my body. Every time I put it on I felt frumpy and looked pregnant as my larger breasts made it balloon over my tummy. It’s design was the […]

P is for Pants

Pants – that’s trousers for you UK folk (not underpants!), are a staple in most wardrobes. They are, the hardest garment for most women to fit. Really, I find that I can spend hours trying to help a client find a pair that fits well. The most common fit issues are around the depth and […]

Which are the Easy Alterations

Would you be able to make a post about what kinds of alterations are easy and affordable to make? I’m not plus sized but I’m petite, so many things don’t fit. Having hemlines shortened is an easy one, but I’ve understood that for instance the extra space in the upper back could be taken in […]

How a Simple Alteration Can Make a Big Difference

Imogen Lamport Inside Out Style

Women are notoriously bad for not altering their garments. We have an expectation that we can walk into a shop, try on a piece of clothing, it will fit us, flatter us and off we go into the sunset. But when you consider how many different body shapes we have, our variety of body proportional […]

The Fast and Easy Way to Shorten Knit Tops

If you have a knit top that is too long, rather than take the hem up, why not ruche the sides rather than take up the hem. You can also use this method to shorten sleeves too.  It’s really simple and you don’t need to know how to sew to do it.  Watch this short […]

Why Sleeve Length Matters

Here is a short video I’ve made about the length of sleeves on jackets. It’s one of the most common fit issues I see with clothes and in people’s wardrobes, yet can have a huge impact on your appearance. Watch this short video.  

Where to End Your Skirts

  I was wondering if you might address correct hem lengths in one of your future blogs.  I am on the short side (5′ 4″) so almost all of my clothing needs to be shorted but I am never quite sure what the correct length is.  For example, are pencil skirts and dresses hemmed at […]

Which is Your Best White

All whites are not the same, and different whites suit different colouring. white by imogenl featuring short tops We can go from a very bright white which is cool and quite stark and only suits those with very cool colouring, via a soft white, through ivory to cream, which is very warm and suits those […]

Weekend Reading – Researching, Revamping, Revealing

..Researching: I’ve read a couple of times about Evernote.com  and what a great way it is to keep information close to your fingertips, so I’ve started playing with it.  Whether you want to import information from your computer, or clip information you find on the internet it’s a great, searchable database for all the bits […]

Money Doesn’t Buy You Style and Class

I want you to take a look today at Karen Of a Certain Age’s blog post today about Russia’s first lady, Svetlana Medvedev. Given her status, I’m guessing she’s dressed designer – so why doesn’t she pay to have her hems altered professionally to a length that suits her figure, buy a more uplifting bra, […]